Every year we deal with some damage done by the plow trucks.. we are on a cul-de-sac and I am at the very end.. So we suffer the most.  This year is worse than ever.  We never saw the damage because this is where all the snow goes from the street.  It has finally melted and here is what we see.

The broken pieces are where all the flowers are.. I never planted them.. they came with the house.

I have called the town and water company.. The curbside box for the water is damaged.. can no open.  So far no one has called me back.. ugh.

Anna’s set up .. It is a stage.. she is singing along with shania twain.. LOL.

I am going to finally get my hands dirty this year.  I so want to garden.. I know nothing but will learn along the way.  I want to do container gardening.  I found a window box (the long skinny one) for 3.00 at job lot.  I want to do my cilantro and parsley in there.  I bought two ten gallon bins ( the grey one) and we have tons of those buckets all over the house.

I found these two at the dollar store. 

Annaleah loves strawberries.. so we will see how this goes. I also bought tons of seeds.. Cukes, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, hot peppers, summer squashes, onions, bunching onions, carrots, eggplant.. and the list goes on..

Yes.. we have new chicks!!  They were just hatched on Sunday and we got them last night.  They are absolutely adorable.

The yellow ones are white rocks.  The black ones are black sex links, and the marking are araucanas.. (they lay green eggs) We got two of each chick.

Thank you for all prayers for Angel.. He was in massive pain again this morning.. It started at 4am.  He is finally sleeping now.