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What a horrible morning!!

I started my day like I normally would.. Made Angel breakfast, got his
coffee ready for work, let the chicks out into the yard, etc.  I
was sitting and talking with Anna when Danny (my dog) came up the
stairs, barking.. So I find myself on my deck and notice the cat looks
freaked and my hens are going nuts!  Then I see it.. A big yellow
dog, with one of my Buff Orpingtons in its mouth!!

I started yelling at him to put the chicken down.. He dropped her and
looked right at me.. then started chasing more of them.. I yelled for
Angel at this point.  

Angel came out with my swifter and finally chased him out of our yard..
I should mention at this point.. Danny was of absolutely no help
whatsoever.. He just followed the yellow dog around the yard sniffing
its butt.. ugh

I couldn’t find the buff anywhere.. I seriously thought she was dead..
There were feathers everywhere.. I finally found her hiding behind the
garage.. all tail feathers gone.  She wouldn’t let me anywhere
near her.. So I rounded the others up into the pen with offerings of
oats.. She was the last to come out and she was very skittish.  

We got them all locked up and I barricaded the fence by putting things
against it.  An animal can get in by crawling under so I was not
about to take chances!

Angel found out how the dog came in.. he jumped the fence in the far
corner of our yard.. Not good at all.. Different things keep going
through my head.. what if Anna was out there playing, what if Angel was
not home..   What if….  

I went outside and took a few pics while Anna was sleeping(was afraid
that dog might come back and didn’t want her in the way).  I then
put my gloves on and sprayed some Blue Kote on the poor Hen.  She
didn’t fight me til I sprayed her.. but something had to be done. 
She is bleeding up her back where all the feather were pulled out and
her rear looks nasty.. I then held her and petted her for a bit til she
calmed down.  Blue Kote stains big time.. so now I look like I
have a bad tattoo on my arm.. ugh. 

Now she is out in the pen area now.. walking around slowly.. I hope she
is going to be ok.. There are golden feathers covering my yard.. my
poor girl.


Yesterday was busy busy busy.

I used the leaf blower on the entire yard which took about two hours..
and then I raked the entire front which took about 45 min.  Angel came
home early and we moved the swing set from one end of the yard to the
other. (now that Anna goes outside more.. I want to see her at all
times from the deck.) Then we took the girls out to Chuck E Cheese for
2 hours..

I am totally exhausted.

I am starting to get worried.. the forcast is still saying rain for the
weekend.  It would be a real bummer if this party ends up in the house.

I have to start thinking of the foods I am prepping.  Mom is coming
Thursday Night to help with that.  Then my cousin is coming with her
children Friday sometime.  I will have a full house Friday/Saturday.
Any ideas for a good breakfast that is fast and easy.. I have lots of

Today I hope to work on the various chunks of wood and the deck.  Jade
also needs to make a puppet for her homework so we will have craft
time.  It would be great if I found the time to make cookies for
tomorrow.. My friend, Steph is coming with her two children to visit.. (Jade and
Bri get along wonderfully.)

This is where the girls played most of the day

Annaleah, getting ready to climb to the tunnel..
but then she freaked when she saw a boy up there..
she couldn’t get back down and was screaming
poor thing.

What does this game do??

Hi Kate

Is that Pizza good?

Guess so

Go get ’em

Anna loves carousels

Why are these girls screaming??

Ahh.. It’s a roller coaster

What does this button do?

We want to look as cute and cuddly as possible

Keeping the girls from walking up this thing was difficult.. Notice Angel is playing to..

I have to say.. the prizes are just not what they used to be.. the
girls got 30 tickets each.. and that meant like 1 little sticker, or a
litle fake bug.. that was it.  We ended up saving the tickets and
buying them each something for 1.99.  I just seem to remember
being able to get things for 5 tickets at the Boardwalk in Daytona


Yesterday was a very busy day.  The girls spent most of it in the
yard.  I managed to clean the shed, chicken coop, chicken pen and
under the deck.  Talk about tired and sore.. It is great to see
the yard looking better. 

Today, I hope to do more yard work.  Tonight the girls get to go
to Chuck E Cheese.  I will make sure I bring my camera. 

Well, the girls are here..

We spent yesterday settling in and they are still sleeping right
now.  I am trying to get alot of my daily routine done now. 
I spent friday and saturday shopping for all the birthday stuff. 
I need to order the cake today. 

Yesterday, on the way home, we took the girls to Cracker Barrel. 
Gotta love that place.  The girls behavior was excellent.  I
am very proud of them. 

Sorry I have not been posting..

Lots to do.. Girls are coming on Sunday for a week.. whoo hoo.. Then
Annaleah’s Birthday is that Sunday coming (the 24th).. Party is
Saturday (23rd).. She is going to be 4!!!

Where has the time gone?

a few morning thoughts..

  • I watched Lost .. and cried like a baby
  • Why is it.. when I finally manage to do all the dinner dishes and
    get the kitchen in good order.. I tend to wake up to a popcorn mess..
    with popcorn popper, measuring cup with melted butter residue, bowls
    and popcorn everywhere.. I think clean counters makes my husband crave
    popcorn.. hmm
  • It is much to early to hear Anna speak.. it is like .. she has
    all these thoughts while sleeping.. and as soon as she gets up.. (give
    her 30 min to lay on the couch.. ) she has to say it all to anyone who
    is listening.. (which ends up being me)

Yesterday on the paper route.. I came across this black cat in the hall
of the apartment complex I deliver to.  This cat was not happy to
see me.  I had seen the cat before.. and she ran down the stairs
to the back door.. This time she sat on the step.. (actually stood)
with back arched.. I delived to the to downstairs apt while talking to
her.. and then proceeded to go up the stairs slowly.. thinking she
would just run down the other side..

Nope.. she hissed at me and ran right by me.. and freaked out at the
door.. so here I am stuck in the hall with this cat freaking out.. She
managed to push her way out the door.. but I did not leave that hall
without a pounding heart.. I was freaked out.

The rest of the route.. my vivid imagination was not helping at all.. I
kept thinking that cat was hiding behind a tree ready to pounce or
something.. lol.  I am happy to say I did not come across the cat
today.. Tomorrow is the last day to sample that building.. so I am
hoping no one there subscribes to the paper.. lol

As I sit here and type.. one of the white chicks is sitting on my
shoulder wondering what I am doing.. she decided to take a closer look
at the keys.. and is now trying to escape my company.. but Anna keeps
bringing her back to me..

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather. /////////////.. ok.. now a black chick is helping me type.. lol

My Daughter has some kind of strange power over the chickens.
Yes.. She has put the chick to bed.. in her Loving Family bed, with a doll..It was the longest 3 min of my life.. I honestly thought the chick was dead..


To answer a question from my comments..

Oh they poop quite a bit.. As for the hens outdoors.. I don’t hold them often..
but I do pet them.. One walked into my house a few weeks back..
and I held her and offered her a treat.. and I regretted it..
I had to change my shirt and my jeans..


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