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I had to do it.. I unsubbed to over 20 xanga sites.. I couldn’t keep
up.  None of it was personal (honest).. With schooling starting
up, I had to start cleaning up a bit.  Hope I didn’t offend

I felt like doing quizzes..

Little House on the Prairie

You are Caroline Ingalls, a faithful wife and
mother who cares about appearances. You are a
good cook and homemaker, and a submissive wife,
but you can handle a team of horses swimming
through a raging river if you have to.

Which Little House Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your Hidden Talent
have the power to persuade and influence others.You’re the type of
person who can turn a whole room around.The potential for great
leadership is there, as long as you don’t abuse it.Always remember, you
have a lot more power over people than you might think!
Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant Garde
a bit … unusual. And so is your blog.You’re impulsive, and you’ll
often post the first thing that pops in your head.Completely
uncensored, you blog tends to shock… even though that’s not your
intent.You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new
designs and content.
You Should Learn Japanese
cutting edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese
culture.From Engrish to eating contests, you’re born to be a crazy
gaijin. Saiko!
What Language Should You Learn?

Ok.. these kinda do not describe me.. but some I even did twice.. go figure..
 maybe a hidden side of me.. lol  Although I do like being linked to Caroline..

I was watching
Monday night.. and saw someone I recognized

He looked kinda like this
but without the mustache.. and I kept thinking.. Hey I know him!
So I figured it out.. hubby didn’t really agree but admitted there was
a likeness.. but I looked it up and I was right!
Locke on the TV Show LOST

I love it!  (above pic was from Cutting Edge – shocking to see him there too)

Posting my plants on my deck.. Keep in mind.. I have no clue what I am doing.. I am just loving the fact that something is growing.. lol




Geraniums… they don’t look too great.. but they are still alive.. a plus for me


w7824800 (1)


marigolds – the little one is for Anna’s class at church


w7824953 (1)


two hot pepper plants and one lonely chive




Summer Squash




Squash and Cabbage




sunflower (poor thing wasn’t drooping yesterday) and morning glories




Tomato plants (front ones are cherry tomatoes)




Tomato and Watermelon




Eggplant and Cucumber



I have alot to post.. but don’t feel like it.. Right now I am
playing Zuma.. yes I am addicted to it.  My friend beat the entire
online game and now I am obsessed.. especially since I introduced it to
her.. lol

Tuesday : we went to Kidgets at the mall. I renewed Anna and Jade’s
membership and signed up Kaitlyn.. they had a blast on the moonbounce
and there was plenty of goodies for signing up..

Wednesday : Was a very good day..I was able to get some stuff done
in the house.. made brownies and strawberry jam cookies, played in the
pool.. packed up goodies and we headed to the drive in.  Girls
were all settled on a big blanket and we watched the Fantastic
Four.  I thought the movie was very good (even though Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory was my first choice) but very slow for the
girls.. they had a blast looking at the stairs though.. and Annaleah
was awake to the end and loved the action there.  I have a
very vague memory of the comic book hereos.. so Angel had to fill me in
a bit.  We didn’t stay for the second movie.. it was already 11:30
and we were exhausted.

Thursday : this is gonna be a long one.. are you ready for it?

Started out good.. girls were playing.. I was cleaning.. I walked
out of the bathroom, Kate told me something like.. there is water on
the floor.. or the fish tipped over.. or something.. no clue.. because
that is a blur now.. All I know is I looked over at the top of the
entertainment center.. (where the fish as been for the last year) and
water everywhere.. I am screaming..where is the fish.. I found the fish
on the floor.. not moving at all.. I scoop up the fish and put it back
in the tank with water.. Then I procede to clean up the water mess from
the entertainment center.. the tv started doing weird things.. and I
started to panic.. so I unplugged everything then finished cleaning up
the spills. 

When I walked back into the kitchen.. the fish was actually moving a
little.. but it was upside down.. a few friends told me it may be in
shock.. but I couldn’t handle watching it gasp for air and ended up
with a emotional breakdown.. I was crying in my room for quite some
time.. did not want to come out and see the fish…

After I finally calmed down, I came out and tried to ignore the
fish.. The girls kept fighting and whining.. and it never did end.. I
was so on edge.. Then of course when I did glance at the fish.. it
wasn’t moving.. But I decided to wait..

I let the girls outside..and they were getting along wonderfully.. I
had a few nice long phone conversations.. and finally told someone that
the fish’s eyes were bulging out and it was freaking me out.. The fish
was definately dead.. So I scooped it out.. (so gross) and headed for
the bathroom.. however the girls saw and came running.. Anna wanted to
put her fish in the toilet.. so I let her.. as she slid her fish off
the net.. she started to cry (showed no emotion before then).. She said
she would miss Nemo and then Kate started crying.. so we said a prayer
and Anna flushed the toilet..

Things were going much better.. I was starting to clean and maybe would make the spa party afterall..

Thought too soon.. Anna is screaming.. so I go to check.. she fell
off the swing and is on  the ground.. I go out and scoop her up..
sit her on the counter and clean her off.. Her nose is dripping blood..
not alot but thick.. so I clean it up.. it appeared she hit her nose on
the ground.. I am not saying anything to Anna about blood however, I am
relaxed and just cleaning her .. Kate yells.. Anna! You’re
bleeding!  So of course.. upset Anna wants to see..

Do I want to go.. I don’t know anymore..

Angel comes home early.. I start dinner.. he finishes it for me.. I
get dressed and go anyways.. We pack up and go.. The girls did very
well there.. and Anna did get hurt again.. found her on the floor with
chips and juice everywhere.. she had hit her head pretty hard.. but was
ok.. Later the hostess offered the girls to play outside.. she has an
inground pool that is not guarded.. I don’t think so.. can you imagine
with my day.. that would be asking for a disaster!.. So they played on
a closed off deck..

The party was nice and relaxing.. I love the foot soak and I am
falling in love with products.. Especially the Cherry Almond Body
Butter.. Heavenly..

Sensaria – wonderful products!

Friday – was much more peaceful.. and we managed to go into the big
pool.. Annaleah loved it.. first time ever.. we have had the pool three
years and she has always hated it.. Now she loved it so much.. first
thing saturday morning.. she is asking to go swimming in it..
lol.  Angel got Chinese for Dinner and we watched the Jungle Book.

Saturday – Anna asks me if Kate can stay longer.. aww.. We brought
Kaitlyn to my mom’s (in RI) and saw Jade for a bit.. We visited with
mom and dad while the girls played and then grabbed some weiners on the
way home (can you believe they do not sell weiners in CT??).  When
we got home.. we did go in the pool like we promised Anna..

Sunday was uneventful.. spent morning in church after we went out for breakfast.  Very nice day. 

We saw “Hitched” this week.. Loved it! Also saw Bridgette Jones
-Edge of reason.  A little too much swearing for my taste.. but
man.. those guys are funny when they fight!.. Both were very good

Hoping to post pics really soon.


Thursday Night I came down will all my allergy issues due to cold weather we had recently..

Friday was my birthday.. we had to forgo eating out due to money
issues.. so we had burgers on the grill.. then we went to blockbusters
to get a movie.. my request.. but what hubby didn’t realize was I
wanted to spend my birthday cuddled up on the couch with him.. watching
a movie.. but instead he went to his office to watch one of the new
seasons on sci fi channel..

Saturday we went to lake compounce theme park.. the girls had a great
time and we saw jumpin jiving show (1940’s) and at the end the girls
started trying to swing dance.. it was adorable.  by the time we got
home.. they were passed out (actually not long after we got in the car)
so I put them straight to bed (they were still in there bathing
suits..bad momma) and I crawled into bed.. as I was stillnot feeling

Sunday we did not go to church.. angel wasn’t feeling too well (didn’t
catch it from me.. mine is allergy related.. he had different symptoms)
so we spent the day doing practically nothing.. but the girls played in
the yard almost all day.. then at 6:30 they were both sound asleep.. so
Angel and I cuddled up to a movie (finally)

I am still not feeling too well.. so dragging my feet a bit.. tonight
we will stay home.. but tuesday is kidgets at the mall (kid themed
activities) and wednesday we are going to the drive in.. such a busy
week.. I will be posting pics very soon.. ( I hope )

P.S.  I am so far behind on my SIRs.. how do you guys do it??

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