So.. what has been happening in my neck of the woods..

  • My mom and Jade spent the week with us

  • I had a Sensaria Spa party and it was absolutely relaxing

  • I fell in love with this blue toile fabric I found at walmart.. problem was .. it only had 2.5 yards.. so I went to 4 different walmarts til we had enough fabric and mom made curtains.. so cool

  • Finally started weeding through the basement (disaster down there)

  • Did a lot of yard work, pools are up, swingsets are up, scrubbed down all the outside toys.. whoo hoo.. it looks like a yard now

  • I also fixed up of front.. planted impatients in the empty barrels (empty for 3 years). and weeded and put down mulch

  • Cleaned up and area around a tree.. it had vines and ugly odd size bushes growing everywhere.. then my neighbor gave me tips and some plants to put there..

  • Abe painted my front door. (thanks abe!)

  • We had an cookout for family and friends for the 4th of july. We bought way too much food .. we had enough to feed 50.. but only 10 came.. but that is ok.. still had a great time.

  • Finally got to update my layout a bit.. I now have a domain name.. for those not on xanga, you can find us easier.

  • I was told by my niece that saying “you will so love that movie” is old school. She decided that she will correct me if I say any more old school sayings. LOL

Now some pics to share

Not sure why Jade is pouting..

Near the end of the week.. They girls were getting tired of being stuck in the house (rained for days).  I had some serious shopping to do for the cookout.  So I decided to send the guys (Angel, David and Abe) shopping after they dropped us off.  They shopped at Walmart SuperCenter for two hours.. Leaving plenty of time for the girls to have a blast.  When we left we had ice cream sandwiches for everyone. 

Anna’s favorite game at Chuck E Cheese

Jade on the carousel

Annaleah also loves the Carousel

The Carousel

Anna screaming on the roller coaster..


This one is better without the flash.

We are off to go pick up Kaitlynn for the week.. Will try to post the rest of the pics tonight

I am back.. so lets see about those pics…


Danielle pushing girls on swing

Hi David

David and Nana

Abe and Angel (kinda dark pic)

Mom and Nana

Bill, Danielle and Jade

Showing off their shirts

Nana – small enough for the kiddie swing

Anna is sad because Jade is leaving.. 😦

Help me I’m falling..


Well, girls are out.. and I need to go to bed.. goodnight