Look what I found when I woke up Sunday morning!

Morning Glory

which by the way!! 
 I caught a squirrel sitting in my window box today..
He had pulled this poor flower off and was eating it!! 
Then came back for the next one!



Bean I just planted last week.. it is much bigger thant this now

If you look closely.. you can see two lettuce popping out..
However.. the next day .. they disappeared!!  I blame the squirrel!

But I just love the morning glories


Up til this year, Annaleah would not willingly go in the big pool..
she would cry and scream..
When Kate was here..we decided to go in with Daddy.. so he got out of work early
Anna loved it..
Look at her go



My water baby.. she loves it and we swim almost every day now.
I am proud of her..

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My poor baby had a very rough evening last night.. she was hiding something from me.. and even told a lie to get in trouble.. in order to hide the real thing.. she had a 1 inch long sliver (from the deck) imbedded in the bottom of her foot last night.  (pretty huge for such a tiny feet).. She screamed and screamed while I held her down and daddy got it out.. it was horrible.  I have never heard her cry like that. 

After we were done I just held her for as long as she needed to be held.. she is doing much better now. 

Annaleah went to the ear doc today..  The tube was still sitting in the canal.. (about a year now) .. so the doc took it out.  No fluids at all.  He is gonna let her go through the fall/winter season then see her again.. with a hearing test done also.  If she is clear at that time.. then our worries may be over.. I am so happy she is doing so awesome!

I never shared the Lake Compounce Pics.. Here you go…

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