Look who is visiting us for a few days…

Isn’t she adorable???

David got this precious thing as a birthday gift for his
girlfriend.  She will be staying with us for just a few
days.  Annaleah is loving it.  I wanted to take pics of Anna
with her.. but would you believe the batteries died on me!  So now
they are recharging so I can take more pics tonight.

She is very friendly.. a little weary of Danny though.. Danny is a good
boy and avoids her because he senses her fear.. Baby (our cat) is not
happy.. she is on the deck and just glares in the window.. she refuses
to come in when the kitten is around.  The kitten is spending a
bit of time in David’s room when Baby comes in..just in case.

**From my comment section:

are you hard of hearing?  I’m sorry if that is a rude question.  I just
figured since you couldn’t hear at the theater and you wanted close
captioning that you might be somewhat hearing impaired.

Not rude at all.  I used to
work with alot of kids since I was 15.. so I am more used to “what is
that in your ear?”  LOL..

Yes I am hearing impaired.. I have 60% loss in both ears.  Mom
says I was very young and had massive ear problems..lots of middle ear
infections.. even bloody ones.  The doc in RI said I was way too
young to have tubes put in and tonsils and adenoids removed.  When
we moved MA.. I was about 2 and the doc there was very upset about it
.. and I immediately went in for surgery..

It worked for quite a while.. When I was about 7 the infections started
up again.. I was always sick as a child.. (mom now blames that on the
fact that she was a smoker)  I missed alot of school and started
getting yelled at alot for not ‘paying attention’ when mom spoke to
me.. I promptly went to the doc and it turned out my adenoids grew
back.. so surgery was scheduled again.. Unfortunately this time.. the
hearing did not come back.  So I have worn aids since the age of 7
and ended up staying back in second grade.. which I was happy about
because I was tortured in school.. all because I was always sick.. Kids
can be quite mean.

Family history:
Mom always wears aids, it is believed to be from when she was hit by a
car at a very young age.  My brother, Bill, also wears aids.. He
is 5 years younger then me.. and also suffered lots of
infections.  Mike (10.5 months younger than Bill) has perfect
hearing.  I have the most damage.

My Children:
This scared me tremendously with my children.. David had quite a few
infections as a child.. but the doc was quick to nip it in the butt..

However, Annaleah was born with a cleft palate.. and I was told she
would suffer from alot of ear infections.. so with my history and her
cleft.. I was really worried.. I pumped breastmilk for an entire year
for her.. she had tubes put in during her palate surgery at 8 months
old.. She never had an ear infection.. ever!  She had fluid in her
ears quite a few times.. but never infected..

When she turned 2 the fluid got bad.. tubes had fallen out.. and she
was not saying her vowels anymore.. the birth to 3 speech therapist was
concerned as I was.. Her doc was called in on military duty.. and the
doc that took over was overwhelmed with all the patient load.
When her doc came back about 2 months later.. a hearing test was
scheduled immediately.. she had fluid but still no infections and had a
hearing loss.. he performed surgery asap and got new tubes put in.. she
had another test and her hearing was great!  However, we had to
reteach her to talk correctly.. it took about 5 months to fix her
speech.. (she could hear the words fine.. but had gotten used to saying
it wrong)..

She has had 1 infection in her life.. and I treated it
homeopathically.. I did not want her on antibiotics.. (we lived on it
as children.. and I am all messed up now).. however, I did tell myself
that if the infection came back soon after.. we would take her in.. but
it never did..

The Lord has blessed us tremendously.. however, I will add.. Angel and
I do not smoke.. I am sure that has a massive effect on the outcome as
well.. BTW.. Mom has been smoke free for 21 years.. I think.. (I am
sure she will correct me if I am wrong)..

Wow.. didn’t mean to write a book.. LOL..

P.S.. I should add.. anna just went to the last year.. her tubes have
been out for a year now.. and she still has no fluid in there.. the doc
is going to give her til December and schedule a hearing test.. if she
is still doing great.. he is gonna consider her cleared from any
trouble.  He has done wonderfully with keeping her in check..