This Little Thing stayed with me all morning..

I just couldn’t resist taking pictures…

She is just the cutest little thing..

I am gonna miss her..

Mommy, why didn’t you tell me you were taking pictures..

Anna doing what she loves best.. getting messy..

We had 5 teenagers in the house.. 5.. It has been a long time since
David brought alot of friends over.  Anna had to be the center of
attention of course.. and she was thrilled Marty showed up.  She
ran to the door exclaiming.. “Mommy!  Look!  Marty is
here!!”  The highlight is when she decided to play outside.. and
brought in a worm.. (she loves worms.. I do not). I told her promptly..
worms belong outside.. she said.. she wanted to show her friends.. and
I thought about it and said.. “sure”.. so she went downstairs.. and I
hear alot of “Ewwww!”… LOL.. I had to chunkle at that..

Later, we were trying to get the chickens back into the pen, and Annaleah found something

A green egg from my baby Aracauna.. how awesome is that.. we were not expecting eggs for another 2 months..
The other egg is the ones I get daily.. from the hens..


Anna is filthy in the above pic and promptly got a bath.. I could barely stand to look at her nails.. eww..

One more pic to share.. I wasn’t going to.. and it didn’t come out like I wanted it to.. but David said it would be ok to share.

David and Sarah.  Today is her birthday – Happy Birthday Sarah!
She is taking the kitty home today.. I am gonna miss her.. Oh and she
named her M.J… (Did I tell you Anna loves Spiderman and is obsessed
with M.J… lol)

Well, we are off to dental appointments this morning.. (I don’t wanna go!  and yes I am whining )

Have a Great Day!

P.S.  Oh.. I almost forgot.. I made a peach cobbler last night.. I got the recipe from kensjo site.  And I gotta say.. It was delish with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!  Yum!