Well.. I am now back.. yeah!! 

We had a good week.. but it has been a busy one as well.. I have pics
to share later of Mystic Village.  We brought mom home on Sunday
and on the drive I drafted up a plan/schedule for Monday. 

Well, it didn’t go as plan.. the morning was all over the place.. but I
am still very pleased.. I managed to get alot done and Anna started her
first day of schooling.  I went online to our library and requested a bunch of
books to use for her.  I am a part of a few groups and have a nice
little book list of recommendations.. I realized yesterday that the
books she has are just not great at all.  they are either babyish
or disney type books.. Definately need to change that. 

I posted Anna’s first school day over at http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/LMRamos99/

I was very very happy last night.  I went to bed with a clean
home, had watched Prison Break with hubby and had some computer fun..

This morning I did my devotions and everything else on my list..

I must go now so I don’t get behind.. hopefully I will find time to come back today and post pics..