Annaleah went to the dentist last thursday morning.  To have her 3
cavities filled.  Yes I am ashamed to say she has 3
cavities.  When she had to have her palate repaired at 9
months.  She had to be off her special bottle.  We had to get
her drinking out of a regular cup.  After surgery she had to be on
a liquid diet for 6 weeks.. well.. that didn’t go well on a regular
cup.. talk about messy.. so after about a month.. we got permission to
use the sippy cup.. the big question.. would she be able to suck?
and she was.. it was amazing!!  Then when she was allowed solids..
she would not eat them.. it took over a year for her to get used to
certain textures.. So in the mean time she was drinking lots of
smoothies (to help her gain weight), milk and juice.. She was also
constipated.. as soon as I stopped pumping milk for her (at a year
old).. so it became more juice.  Not to mention she had gotten
into the habit of drinking her cup like a bottle..

Well, I guess we got lazy.. (or mostly I did).. the juice was watered
down.. like 1/4 juice and rest water.. but it still did the damage..

2 months ago.. (she has been going to this dentist since she was 2 years
old).. we were told she had cavities.. and that she could no longer
drink from her sippy cup.. So that day we came home and I explained to
her that the sippy cup and juice put holes in her teeth.. and she could
now only have water in her sippy cups.. It was difficult.. but she did
well.. she drinks her juice in straw cups now.. which prevent her from
fully laying down with a cup in her mouth..

So last week.. I had been reminding her for a few days that the dentist
was going to fix the holes in her mouth.. and we talked about being
brave and etc.  She did awesome in the beginning.. she sat in the
chair and laid back for the dentist.. He put some numbing gel in her
mouth.. and she listened while he showed her all the things he would be

Then she laid back again.. and he put the needles in.. she cried
as  he gave her the shots.. she cried a bit.. (it was alot of
shots) .. hubby and I were on each side of her..holding her hands and
rubbing her leg.. She didn’t fight.. but cried..

It was very hard to watch my baby go through that.. I kept thinking how
she didn’t deserve it.. If only I had brushed her teeth more, gotten
her off that cup.. never put her on that cup… The thoughts just
wouldn’t stop..

When it was over.. she wouldn’t talk to the dentist.. she wouldn’t look
at him.. I held her close.. I had been teary through most of it and
Angel was on the verge of tears..

She did an awesome job.. I am very proud of her.. I really expected to
have to hold her down.. she is a fighter most times.. I think our talks
helped her.  She got a puppy in the mail later in the day.. It was
something she had been requesting.. and we felt she deserved it.


Thursday Night I discovered a local homeschooling sports group.
They are just starting up and right now Soccer is free.  It starts
on Friday.. so we got the paperwork filled out and faxed it.  Anna
was so excited.  Unfortunately they cancelled the first game due
to alot of rain.  She tried so hard to fight those tears.. (rubbed
her eyes constantly) and insisted that she was NOT crying!)  So we
went to Walmart and bought her shin guards and a soccer ball.
Then we went to The Pet store and picked up this little guy..


Anna was so incredibly excited to finally get a pet of her own.. Of
course it has been very difficult to get her to understand that these
little critters need to sleep during the day.

On Saturday there were two events going on.. that we just had to check out..

Ledyard Children’s Day



This pumpkin is now completely pink and yellow.. lol
Ok, I am on.. now what?

Next Event
Giraffe Family Event


Dancing to a country band while eating my watermelon


Saturday night we had a thunderstorm.. and it blew the hub for our
internet.. So of course.. first thing we did Sunday was buy a new one..
Can’t go without internet now.. can we?

Sunday night, after church, we went to pick up David from work.. He got
in the car and said something about Anna getting a pet and not him.. so
he bought himself this little guy..


This mouse is sooo sweet.. He just says in your hand.. not like the hamster.. this guy is so calm..

David says he got the mouse because he felt he should have a pet of his
own.. Hmm .. then why do we have Danny?? (the dog)  He seems to
have forgotten that I had promised him a dog when he was 5 and then we
got Danny.. short term memory?? lol.


So now we have, a dog, cat, 12 chickens, a hamster and a mouse..

Anna informed me that all she needs now is a turtle..
I don’t think so!