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Last night we decided last minute to go out to eat.  The power had
gone out again and while it did turn back on before Angel got home from
work.. My lasagna was still frozen.  We decided to check out a new
buffet.. so after some searching decided to head to the
Mohegan Sun

It is quite beautiful inside.. we didn’t get a chance to look around too much..
but here is an idea of what it looks like inside..

We ate at the Season’s Buffet.. and it was delish.. they had a great
variety of things (especially for David who is vegetarian) adn it was
all soo good.. Their dessert table was awesome.. the price 13.95..
totally not bad.. and they didn’t charge for Anna.. also drinks came
with the price.

We had a rough night however.. After watching Invasion, we headed to
bed.. to find me staring at the clock.. forever.. then at 12:30 Angel
got beeped from work.. so he went in while I tossed and turned til
3am.  Anna actually joined me at some point and seemed to be
restless as well.. Angel came home at 3am and I finally (Finally!) fell
asleep .. only to be woken by my alarm at 5:30am.. Angel got called in
again at 7am so I rushed to get his coffee and lunch ready.  David
also informed me that he did not fall asleep til late and had a bad
night as well.. hmm.. was it the food?? or just something in that air??
Hopefully tonight goes much better..

Today Annaleah has her first Soccer game in Warwick.. it is going to be interesting for sure.. LOL..

I have a post that I never sent out.. spent 3 days writing it.. I will
try to finish that up by this weekend.. Let’s just say it has been an
uneventful few weeks..

Have a Great Thursday!

Today’s Meme is here

1. Do you like the different season? Why/Why not?
I do like the change in seasons in general.. I lived in Florida for
8 years and missed them terribly.. Although I loved florida weather.

2. With changing seasons comes changing weather. What weather changes do you like and dislike that come with this?
I love Spring and Summer.. I love the flowers blooming and watching
things come alive.  I like Fall but not all that much because it
reminds me of Winter almost here.. and I literally dread the winter..
especially the ice and the cold.  brr…

3. Which season do you dislike the most? Why?
Oops.. Winter.. I dread it.. I have slipped down icy steps while
visiting family and hurt my tail bone.. I freeze very easily and can’t
properly wear a hat or scarves do to hearing aids.. altough I do love
the look of snow..

Bonus Question for Comments: What’s your favorite seasonal activity (This could be anything)? Why?

My favorite Seasonal Activity has to be bbqs in the summer.. I just
love gathering with family and friends, listening to children play and
eating delicious food cooked on the grill..

Ok.. one of the blogs I read.. (now I can’t remember the name.. not good) was asking about homeschoolers and Halloween..

Here is what I think
(please remember.. this is my opinion.. not meant to judge or criticize anyone else..)

We celebrated Halloween as a child.. As long as I could remember.. I
was a witch every year.. Except one year.. I was a spanish princess.. I
felt so pretty that year.. and even won a contest.. (It was a Tee Shirt
with Charlie’s Angels on the front).  I never really cared for
Halloween though.. it always gave me the creeps.. I hated seeing bare
trees and being out in the dark.. I have a very over active

After I found Jesus at the age of 15.. Halloween changed for me.. We
kinda stopped going out at that point.. (well, I was also a bit old to
do that.. or felt it) but I didn’t want to be like the people who
slammed the doors in our faces when I was a child.. (don’t think that
showed Christ’s Love).. So I took my babysitting money and would buy
Jesus loves me pencils, erasers, etc.. a cute halloween tract with
jokes and riddles, and a candy bar and put them in sandwich bags and
give them out with a smile for all the kids.. I loved it..

Then I had David, and I tried to do the same.. However, alot of the
costumes were gory and he was freaked by the grim reaper walking up and
down my street.. He had a really hard time that year, so I quit.. We
started going to the church bonfire that night.. It was great to sing
hymns by the fire, roast hot dogs and marshmellows on a stick, and play
games.. so that is what we did..

Now, I am married.. with another child.  My husband sees nothing
wrong with Halloween.  He wants Anna to join in on the fun..Our
church does not have any activities set aside for this night as an
alternative.. So, I have decided that I will let him lead in this
area.  However, I do not go out of my way with it.. Anna dresses
in simple costumes ( 1 – kitty, 2nd – cinderella, 3rd – snow white,
this year Stephanie from Lazy Town).  We usually go to the mall
and a block around here.. Anna doesn’t seem to be freaked by what she
sees.. but I still wish she didn’t see it at all.. However, I believe
that my conviction now is not the same as when I was a single mom.. I
feel the Lord telling me that He will lead my husband and I am to be
patient and loving.. So that is what I try to do. 

I believe that we are at all different stages in our Christian walk..
and while others may have their convictions.. we are to grow in
Christ.. Let the Lord guide us to the changes we are to make at certain
times in our lives..

I am reminded of something I noticed when I moved to RI.  There
were two guys in our church.. Both had found Christ about the same time
but they both changed in different ways.. One changed immediately..
like overnight.. he started dressing up and doing all the right
things..etc.. the second.. changed slowly.. gradually over time.. he
clothes started to change, then his hair, etc.. The first guy.. after a
few years left.. dropped out of the church..w as not seen again.. no
clue where he is or what he is doing.. the second guy.. because one of
the youth leaders, then went to college, then married.. he has come
back a few times and preached.. I am not sure if he is a pastor.. but I
do know that he is married with children and loving the Lord..

Of course this does not mean it is wrong to change things right away..
of course not.. this was only one example and who knows if that first
guy is back in the Lord’s guidance.. However, God works on all of us
continually.. and in His timing.. As long as we continue to grow in
Him, then we are doing what we should be doing..

hmm.. didn’t think I had this much to say..

My Saturday…

 Still woke up early.. My body just won’t let me sleep.. hmp Oh well..

It was raining today… Not a good day for the Autumnfest. I did however get to enjoy a few hours with my cousin, Lisa. When went to Chelo’s for lunch. I just love their chicken finger salad with honey mustard dressing.. yum..  I really enjoy being able to chat with her for awhile… we used to be the best of friends.. and I miss her..

Please pray for my brother, Bill.  and neice, Jade.  Bill is faced with a decision that may help me to get on is feet after a terrible ordeal.. however it devestates Jade.. I can’t really go into detail here.. but this afternooon ended with Jade crying buckets and pleading, which tore Bills heart apart.. There was not a dry eye in this room..Keep him in prayer.

Had a nice late afternoon with the girls.. it was bath night, so it got quite hectic..then we settled down to watch the first episode of Wonder Woman.. wow.. what a shocker.. I loved her growing up. I wanted to be Lynda Carter.. even changed the spelling of my name for a while.. We also share the same birthday..

I am praying tomorrow is a better day weather-wise.. I would really like to go to the fest after church.. we will see.

I miss my home, all my responsibilities, David, and especially my hubby..I don’t get away often..and when I do..I miss him terribly..

Have a great Sunday!

Hi All..

Nothing too interesting today.  Mom showed me how to knit..(man this stuff is fascinating to me for some strange reason).  We managed to go to the park area this evening..They were setting up. (no craft tables til tomorrow.. aww)..So we let Anna play on the playground for a bit.. and scoped out the place for tomorrow. 

I took pics.. but there is no way I can post them on mom’s computer.. will have to wait til we go home




Hello Everyone!

I am here at my mom’s. Got here around 9:30 last night. I showed Mom all the crochet, and cross-stitching supplies I bought last week. I have literally forgotten how to crochet. So I have been relearning the basic stitches. Mom started to show me how to crochet in rounds.. So I have been up praticing all night. Kept redoing it a few times.. but that is ok.

We stayed up til 2am last night!! Oops!

I woke up a few times last night.. finally got up at 7:30.. Got dressed etc.. and sat down in the living room to crochet quietly .. til everyone woke up.

Mom made her traditional Sunday breakfast.. (I know it is not Sunday).. Bacon, hash browns, english muffins and eggs over easy.. Yum.. (I have not had this combo in forever.

Today I am hoping to go to the Autumnfest to look around at craft tables and such.. we will avoid the ride section (that can wait for the girls to come tomorrow)

I will keep in touch on mom’s slow computer.. ( I can never go back to phone connection!.. lol)

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