My Saturday…

 Still woke up early.. My body just won’t let me sleep.. hmp Oh well..

It was raining today… Not a good day for the Autumnfest. I did however get to enjoy a few hours with my cousin, Lisa. When went to Chelo’s for lunch. I just love their chicken finger salad with honey mustard dressing.. yum..  I really enjoy being able to chat with her for awhile… we used to be the best of friends.. and I miss her..

Please pray for my brother, Bill.  and neice, Jade.  Bill is faced with a decision that may help me to get on is feet after a terrible ordeal.. however it devestates Jade.. I can’t really go into detail here.. but this afternooon ended with Jade crying buckets and pleading, which tore Bills heart apart.. There was not a dry eye in this room..Keep him in prayer.

Had a nice late afternoon with the girls.. it was bath night, so it got quite hectic..then we settled down to watch the first episode of Wonder Woman.. wow.. what a shocker.. I loved her growing up. I wanted to be Lynda Carter.. even changed the spelling of my name for a while.. We also share the same birthday..

I am praying tomorrow is a better day weather-wise.. I would really like to go to the fest after church.. we will see.

I miss my home, all my responsibilities, David, and especially my hubby..I don’t get away often..and when I do..I miss him terribly..

Have a great Sunday!