Pray for my grandma.  She is in the hospital.. she fell flat on her face and now has two black eyes..

Anyone watch The Biggest Loser.. Wow!  That was absolutely amazing

Teen logic??

After complaining about the school and how horrible the teachers are
and how he gets no help when he doesn’t understand.. and the teachers
are totally cruel and out to get you..

5 minutes later.. tells me Anna needs to be in public school??

**there are wonderful teachers out there.. David has had a few great
teachers.. however, in this town.. their hands are tied and they are
not able to do all they hope to do with the students… this is not
meant to insult any wonderful teachers out there.. **

Are you more…

01) Prone to using a letter opener to open a letter or prone to using your finger to open a letter? prone to use my fingers
02) A thief or a liar? liar
03) Sociopathic (lacking conscience) or emotionally sensitive (too much conscience)? emotionally sensitive
04) A conformist or a gadfly? where’s my dictionary??
05) “Low-fat eating is the way to lose weight” or “Low-carb eating is the way to lose weight”? wow.. hard one
06) An orange or a potato? potato
07) Attracted to younger men/women than yourself or attracted to older men/women than yourself? totally depends on the person
08) A pervert or a prude? prude
09) A Star Trek fan or a Star Wars fan? star wars
10) Good at listening to someone or bad at listening to someone? good