Well, we are finally getting better around here.  It has been a very busy weekend. 

Saturday we attempted to do some shopping.. we headed over to Walmart
Supercenter to pick up a few needed items.. But first we stopped at
Game stop.  I am amazed.. All the gifts david wanted are not
available.  Partly becasue they are not the newest games out
there.  I did end up ordering quite a bit on amazon and I am
praying they get here before Christmas.  We didn’t arrive home
until about 3pm.. quickly unloaded and picked up David from work, then
headed to look for a place to eat.. We are not supposed to be spending
money but we came across Outback Steakhouse and decided to eat there..
There was no line.. it took like 3-5 min get a table.. whoo hoo..

After that we headed to see Chronicles of Narnia.. and I must say..
Wow.. it is not what I expected at all.  I have not read the books
yet.. I did read the pre-lude so far and that helped me understand how
it came about.. I was impressed..

Then we came home to a very very upset child.  David had just
gotten home and things were not good.  He did quite a bit of
damage to the screen door because Sarah was breaking up with him..
(which didn’t happen)..David and I had a really really long talk. 
Sarah is going through quite a bit of stuff herself (I would never want
to repeat teen years.. ugh)  and unfortunately David takes every
mood she gets as something he caused.. he takes things so personally
(he takes after me).. and then he is smothering her will apologizes and
begging for her to help him understand… He truly cares for her and it
hits him hard when she is upset..

We had a long talk about how he is not responsible for her happiness..
and if she is going through something and needs to be alone.. to leave
her alone.. She needs to be able to go through what she has to go
through.. when she is ready for him to help her or comfort her in some
way.. she will come looking for him.. His feelings are really based on
her feelings and that is not something I like to see.. things seemed
alot better last night so I am praying he will take my words to heart..
I pray God will use me to help him through all of this teen

I told him next time he is so angry .. to go hit a tree.. or kick it
(to prevent hand injury or something).. but to stop hitting things in
this house.. he will find he has a good deal of money to spend if he
doesn’t have to pay for these things to be fixed!

Yesterday, we headed out to pick up mom.. She is here and we have tons
of work to do.  So I told myself I am only allowed to check mail
and go online from 5:30 – 7am.. then I need to sign out.. I just love
chatting with my close friends on IM.. but I have a serious problem.. I
am totally addicted.. ugh..

Ok.. it is 6:56am.. time for me to go.. Have a great day!