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Reese Witherspoon in ‘W’ magazine

Reesewitherspoonwmagazine Reese Witherspoon is the cover star of W magazine’s February issue. Some highlights relating to her kids – Ava, 6, and Deacon, 2.

-Reese prefers mommy friends to work friends – “I have a couple
[Hollywood] people I feel I have a connection with, and I’ll talk to
them occasionally for support…But most of my friends are moms, and
these are the people I relate to.”

-As everyone knows, she and Ryan don’t use nannies –  “There
are times when a babysitter has to live in our house, like when we’re
shooting at night…But otherwise we just have babysitters, and that’s

-Besides Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, Reese likes to watch SuperNanny and Nanny 911, because “I
think it’s really good for people to talk about parenting…Kids
nowadays are getting less and less respectful. Parents are too afraid
of the screaming and the public temper tantrums to say no.”

-Reese thinks that she and Ryan’s conservative parenting style is a good fit for them.  “Yeah,
I’m pretty conservative, or old-fashioned, I should say. It’s how I
grew up. I think you have to let your children be individuals but you
have to set boundaries…I don’t want my daughter shopping for clothes.
That would just send her into a tailspin of wanting.

And in my house you’re not allowed to wear two-piece swimsuits.
Other little girls come over in them, and that’s fine, but I tell Ava,
those are our family’s rules. It helps that Ryan and I have similar
ideas about all of it. You have to really support your partner in the
things that are important to them and hold the line together.”

Source: W via Just Jared.