I rode my exercise bike a total of 12 miles yesterday.. whoo hoo.. then
took a bath.  I tried to get quiet time away from Anna and Agngel
said he would watch her.. well.. about 30 min later she found me and
kept complaining.. but mommy I am so dirty.. lol.. so I gave in. 
Angel finally came looking for her.. Said she snick away.. of course he
was playing Playstation so it wasn’t that hard for her to do so.. lol

So we get out of the tub and discover that Angel decided to take the
ugly green dishwasher out from under the counter.. ugh.. which I have
been using as a storage for all my plastic bowls, cups, etc.. So now I
have a box and 3 bags to go through.. told ya I was a clutterbug. 
I found this little disk that goes to a pigeon nipple (made for babies
with cleft palates) and starting reminising over it.. lol.. I am so
pathetic.  We found a dishwasher someone was getting rid of (there
was a sign that says it works) so we picked it up.. Now we just have to
figure out how to hook it up.  I know nothing about dishwashers..
have never owned or used one.. ever..

We need to look for mattresses for Anna’s bunk beds.. so I decided to
search Bob’s Discount Furniture.. notice the discount.. Well.. the
cheapest for a twin mattress (no box spring) is 800!!!  I don’t
think so.  The bed alone is 200.  why do I want to spend more
on mattresses than the actual bed?? So we decided to check Sears..
David decided to mention to me that his mattress has springs poking
out.. so I guess that means we are buying 3 mattresses.. (wishing money
fell from heaven right now)

Well, I have a huge headache forming and tons of plastic stuff to go through.. so I guess I will get back to work..