Hello?  Anybody out there?? .. Have I lost all my readers??

I have been gone quite some time.  I think I just needed a break
from journalling.  However, I hope to be back very soon.  I
may start making some private posts here as well.  Sometimes I
feel the need to vent.. but because alot of family, friends, hubby’s
co-workers, etc., tend to read here.. I sometimes feel like I may hurt
someone’s feelings or share info that shouldn’t be shared, etc.. so I
tend to clam up.  However, I miss just writing my thoughts and
anna’s adventures.. there is so much she says and does and I am sad I
have not been journalling it for her.  So maybe I will be back
on monday.. if all goes well..

Wow, does that make sense or did I ramble on??

Oh.. I just watched Finding Neverland.. so good and so sad!