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As the guests arrived, they were each given pearl necklaces (that we
made) of their choice.  Our one gentlemen received his choice of a
whistle necklace. Some of the girls chose to wear some princess dresses
displayed in Anna’s room.

Soon after arrival, we started on the crafts..
Glued flowers and feathers onto a hat
made fans using flowered border
Worked on some scratch art picture frames
Made kites
(I gotta do something with anna’s hair.. lol)

Put your cup on the saucer
Egg hunt (prizes in eggs)

Tea Time!
Finger sandwiches
peanut butter
peanut butter and jelly
cucumber w/cream cheese
pig in blankets
princess cookies
cucumber slices
little cheese blocks
fruity children’s tea (with home made sugar cubes)

Pass the dragon (anna’s choice of stuffed animal.. lol)
Jade and Kate were first ones out.. they picked out their prizes.
Gabe was the last one standing and picked out two things from the box

Cake Time


Present Time!
Dress up clothes!

Make up!  whoo hoo.. (oh boy.. lol)

Fashion plates (comes with alot of fabric..this is cool)

My little pony tea set (exactly what she asked for)

Cinderella Movie

Cinderella Dance Studio

She also received a beautiful Barbie dress up outfit (she is wearing it) from Roberta and 20.00 from Nana.

The Pinata!





** There were two other children at the party.. and we took an awesome
group picture.  Unfortunately I forgot to ask permission to post
their pictures.


I have been working hard lately.. and I am tired but will not
stop.  We have a room in the basement that has always been in
really bad shape.  I call it the green room, because of the hard,
green, cement floors.  We store all our boxes down there.
Any clothing too big or small, blankets not in use, we have shelves
with our kitchen helpers on there (bread machine, crock pot, waffle
iron, etc).  Shelves with paper products, food, and whatever else.
Cabinets of canned goods. Shelf of pet supplies, fuses, nails, and
whatever else you can imagine.  They were down there.

I have been going through boxes, shelves, every little corner.
Things are getting thrown away, stored better, and given away.  I
have gotten rid of 11 bags of clothes (mostly Anna’s).  Tossed
them into one of those roadside bins.  Have 3 more bags sitting in
the car right now, ready to go.  Stored some gently used winter
coats til I find someone in need.. along with some baby items I have
never used.  I have 1 huge box of baby toys in the garage, and 3
bags of stuffed animals to freecycle.  Just looking for a few more
missing parts.  I have tossed 2 huge boxes full of broken down
boxes and two boxes of magazines (from 2000) to the curb for
recycling.  I have brought down a bunch of anna’s toys to the
green room and it is now a playroom/storage area.  My plan is to
go through more of her toys down there.. instead of in the cramped
bedroom.  The green room will become a toy/school/storage area
before the fall.

Now I am working on my desk area, culling boxes and such.  Which
is where most of Anna’s clothes were stored.. I am hoping to get my
computer down there within a few weeks.  Something i desperately
need to do.  I will miss it up here.. but it is way too
addicting.  One of the huge benefits will be that all the school,
financial, Avon and mail junk will go straight to my desk downstairs..
eliminating the need to have a cluttered fireplace, dining and living
room.  Seriously.. it is bad up here.  Now I just need to
pray I don’t lose my motivation after Anna’s birthday party!

Not sure if I have mentioned it yet, Mom and Jade are here.  We
picked them up on Easter Sunday.  We have been working on birthday
plans and getting things ready.  I just love having Jade here..
she is so precious to me.  Although can be quite sarcastic (does
she take after me?? )

Bri slept over last night and the girls watched Bride and
Prejudice..  They really love the songs and this morning I
promised that I would skip to each song so they can dance to it.


If anyone watches Lost.. you would be shocked at Sayid..


He sings and dances!!!


Breakfast Menu

Scrambled eggs, Pancakes and sliced oranges.. yum

Tonight David babysits while we adults are off to do some party
shopping!!  I am clueless for a birthday present.. how bad is
that!.. lol

Have a great day!

pictures, pictures and more pictures


Yes.. finally..
Anna got her first brand new bike.. a big girl bike.  Angel
already raised the training wheels a notch just Saturday and believes
that she will be riding two wheeler in less than 3 months.  I am
gonna have a heart attack.  I have also been allowing her to ride
this big girl bike in the cul-de-sac.. which is scary enough as it is..
I sit right on my lawn and watch for all cars.. and try not to panic
when a car comes.. oh the joys of being a mom.

Anna and Daddy flying a foam plane in gorgeous weather.

Anna, showing off one of her new clip on earrings.

Anna and her new hamster.  He is so cute!  He just sits there and looks adorable!  She named him Runaway.
Umm.. I don’t remember what is all over anna’s face.. and shirt.. pasta maybe.. lol
We found this really neat egg decorating kit.. it came with its own
collapsible cups.. Anna practically did everything without my
help.  This year I did not buy white eggs.  We have like 6
doz eggs from our chickens in this house.  So I decided to see how
they would work.


They came out beautifully!

morning.. I was not able to hid the eggs before anna woke up.  I
had been so busy gettiing ready for mom and Jade.. I didn’t realize the
time.  I have also never been big into the Easter bunny.. So Anna
really never heard much about him.

Anna woke up and started playing with the eggs.. telling me they were
dry now..  I told her daddy wanted to talk to her in the bedroom..
so she went to find out why.. while gone I rushed and hid the eggs
around the room and grabbed her easter basket and put that out in the
living room.  I then ran to the bedroom yelling.. Anna!  The
easter bunny came and hid all your eggs.. I don’t know where they

She gave me a disbelieving look and said.. let me see.  So she
came out to the living room and said.. umm.. we can look for them
tomorrow.. I said.. no honey.. they will go bad.. we have to find them
now.  So she went in search.. during the hunt she saw her basket
sitting on the floor..

Umm mommy.. how did that get there?
Me: the easter bunny put it there when he took the eggs
Anna: I know what happened.  My bunnies, Static and Lightning got out of their cage.
Me: How did they do that?
Anna: with their teeth.  Then they went and told all their friends
that I should have a present.  So the Easter bunny brought me one.

Gotta love kids imaginations!

Wow!  I have more readers than I thought!

Last night we went grocery shopping.  Grabbed some KFC take out,
and watched chicken little while munching on them.. Poor Anna.. luckily
she isn’t Daddy said something about her eating
Chicken Little’s mom.. Anna just looked at him.  He said what are
you eating .. she said her leg.  Daddy’s have sick humor.. LOL

I never made it to the end of the movie.. I went to bed.. only to have
hubby wake me up a while later.. He led me to the basement then to the
laundry room.. Poor hamster was in the hole in our floor with the sump
pump.  There was no water but may have been since she was missing
for two weeks.  I am so upset.. We never ever even thought to look
there.  I did cry a bit.  Anna still doesn’t know.  She
has been talking about Blackie alot and how she misses him and if I
remember what she did to him.. poor thing.  The thing is she never
got attached to Jade (the hamster).. Jade was too tempermental..
(female).. while with Blackie.. he would come to the door of the cage
every night and wait for her to come get him and play. 

Angel wants us to get another.. A male this time.. So here are my options

  1. Get a white one that looks the same and pray she doesn’t know the difference.
  2. Tell her the hamster ran away and isn’t coming back and let her pick out another at end of week.
  3. Tell her the truth, let her cry it out and then take her at the end of the week to get another.

1. is not gonna work.. cause there is no way a male is gonna look the
same and no guarantee we will find one like her.  Also, most of
the hamsters for sale are babies.. and Jade got big and fat! 
Really big and fat.

2. may work, however she won’t go pee without me because she thinks
that the hamster will surprise her.. there is a possiblity that she
will continue to think about it and I will be bound to bathroom duty

3. is hard .. it is the honest way.. however I don’t want her to blame
herself.. it is actually my fault.. and I hate to see her cry.. but
such is the way of life..

I will let you know the outcome.

A Non-Xanga blog I read often, Owlhaven, posted a question on her blog that hit home for me these past few weeks. 

This weekend’s topic is pierced ears for preschoolers. Would you pierce your little girl’s ears? Why or why not?

I did not have Annaleah’s ears pierced as a baby.  I was amazed at
the friends and families response to not having it done.  Like I
was some cruel mom.. and how would anyone know she is a girl??

Anna was born with a cleft palate (as many of you know),  she was
in the hospital for about 2 weeks, unnecessarily.  She was to have
cleft palate surgery at 9 months, she had a difficult time getting
breastmilk/formula in her.. Did I have a desire to inflict more pain or
discomfort on my baby girl.. no way. 

Now at 4 years old.. she is practically begging.  Jade and Kate
(my neices) both have ear piercings.. and while I don’t oppose the
pretty earrings.. she doesn’t realize what the piercing entails.. I had
her ask Daddy.. daddy said no.  He also doesn’t feel comfortable
at her age.  I was torn back and forth.. went everywhere looking
for clip-ons.. finally found 1 pair.. little diamond like ones.. I
bought them.. they hurt her ears.. and I didn’t care for how they

One day we went to the mall.. I left Anna with daddy at the food court
and went to check out Claire’s.  There was a little girl, Anna’s
age, that was about to get her piercing.  She was excited.. You
could tell.. I watched from afar.. (didn’t want to make her more
nervous to see someone staring).. As soon as the gun went off.. She had
this horrified look on her face.. she was screaming.. it was horrible
.. The mom had to take a few minutes to try and calm her down.. 10 min
later.. mom was looking at earrings with the young girl in her arms..
tears still very fresh.. mom was trying to show her some earrings that
she would like.. the girl wasn’t interested and they left..

I wanted to cry for her.. yes.. I am a total baby when it comes to this
stuff.. My daughter will wait til she is much older, understands what
it entails, and can take care of it.  I did manage to get some
awesome clip-ons for her .. Dangling ones that hide the clip on from
the front view.. and even some small silver hoops.. I grabbed 3
earrings and she has been wearing them off and on..

Another thing that crosses my mind is the infections Jade had as a
child.. one side they eventually let close up and she had to get
re-pierced.. and another friend’s daughter.. the back piece grew into
her ears.. She had to take her to the hospital where she was told that
it was actually quite common..

Anna will definately be waiting.. no rushing here…

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