A Non-Xanga blog I read often, Owlhaven, posted a question on her blog that hit home for me these past few weeks. 

This weekend’s topic is pierced ears for preschoolers. Would you pierce your little girl’s ears? Why or why not?

I did not have Annaleah’s ears pierced as a baby.  I was amazed at
the friends and families response to not having it done.  Like I
was some cruel mom.. and how would anyone know she is a girl??

Anna was born with a cleft palate (as many of you know),  she was
in the hospital for about 2 weeks, unnecessarily.  She was to have
cleft palate surgery at 9 months, she had a difficult time getting
breastmilk/formula in her.. Did I have a desire to inflict more pain or
discomfort on my baby girl.. no way. 

Now at 4 years old.. she is practically begging.  Jade and Kate
(my neices) both have ear piercings.. and while I don’t oppose the
pretty earrings.. she doesn’t realize what the piercing entails.. I had
her ask Daddy.. daddy said no.  He also doesn’t feel comfortable
at her age.  I was torn back and forth.. went everywhere looking
for clip-ons.. finally found 1 pair.. little diamond like ones.. I
bought them.. they hurt her ears.. and I didn’t care for how they

One day we went to the mall.. I left Anna with daddy at the food court
and went to check out Claire’s.  There was a little girl, Anna’s
age, that was about to get her piercing.  She was excited.. You
could tell.. I watched from afar.. (didn’t want to make her more
nervous to see someone staring).. As soon as the gun went off.. She had
this horrified look on her face.. she was screaming.. it was horrible
.. The mom had to take a few minutes to try and calm her down.. 10 min
later.. mom was looking at earrings with the young girl in her arms..
tears still very fresh.. mom was trying to show her some earrings that
she would like.. the girl wasn’t interested and they left..

I wanted to cry for her.. yes.. I am a total baby when it comes to this
stuff.. My daughter will wait til she is much older, understands what
it entails, and can take care of it.  I did manage to get some
awesome clip-ons for her .. Dangling ones that hide the clip on from
the front view.. and even some small silver hoops.. I grabbed 3
earrings and she has been wearing them off and on..

Another thing that crosses my mind is the infections Jade had as a
child.. one side they eventually let close up and she had to get
re-pierced.. and another friend’s daughter.. the back piece grew into
her ears.. She had to take her to the hospital where she was told that
it was actually quite common..

Anna will definately be waiting.. no rushing here…