I have been working hard lately.. and I am tired but will not
stop.  We have a room in the basement that has always been in
really bad shape.  I call it the green room, because of the hard,
green, cement floors.  We store all our boxes down there.
Any clothing too big or small, blankets not in use, we have shelves
with our kitchen helpers on there (bread machine, crock pot, waffle
iron, etc).  Shelves with paper products, food, and whatever else.
Cabinets of canned goods. Shelf of pet supplies, fuses, nails, and
whatever else you can imagine.  They were down there.

I have been going through boxes, shelves, every little corner.
Things are getting thrown away, stored better, and given away.  I
have gotten rid of 11 bags of clothes (mostly Anna’s).  Tossed
them into one of those roadside bins.  Have 3 more bags sitting in
the car right now, ready to go.  Stored some gently used winter
coats til I find someone in need.. along with some baby items I have
never used.  I have 1 huge box of baby toys in the garage, and 3
bags of stuffed animals to freecycle.  Just looking for a few more
missing parts.  I have tossed 2 huge boxes full of broken down
boxes and two boxes of magazines (from 2000) to the curb for
recycling.  I have brought down a bunch of anna’s toys to the
green room and it is now a playroom/storage area.  My plan is to
go through more of her toys down there.. instead of in the cramped
bedroom.  The green room will become a toy/school/storage area
before the fall.

Now I am working on my desk area, culling boxes and such.  Which
is where most of Anna’s clothes were stored.. I am hoping to get my
computer down there within a few weeks.  Something i desperately
need to do.  I will miss it up here.. but it is way too
addicting.  One of the huge benefits will be that all the school,
financial, Avon and mail junk will go straight to my desk downstairs..
eliminating the need to have a cluttered fireplace, dining and living
room.  Seriously.. it is bad up here.  Now I just need to
pray I don’t lose my motivation after Anna’s birthday party!

Not sure if I have mentioned it yet, Mom and Jade are here.  We
picked them up on Easter Sunday.  We have been working on birthday
plans and getting things ready.  I just love having Jade here..
she is so precious to me.  Although can be quite sarcastic (does
she take after me?? ) oops..lol

Bri slept over last night and the girls watched Bride and
Prejudice..  They really love the songs and this morning I
promised that I would skip to each song so they can dance to it.


If anyone watches Lost.. you would be shocked at Sayid..


He sings and dances!!!


Breakfast Menu

Scrambled eggs, Pancakes and sliced oranges.. yum

Tonight David babysits while we adults are off to do some party
shopping!!  I am clueless for a birthday present.. how bad is
that!.. lol

Have a great day!