Random Thoughts

  • So much for saving money by hanging laundry on line

    May 2


    May 3


    May 4
    Few Showers


    May 5
    Mostly Sunny


  • Anna slept in her bed two nights in a row!!!
  • we have ants
  • 3 different sizes
  • they swarm around the bathroom toilet ?!?!?!
  • I bleached the whole thing down yesterday
  • found about 20-30 of them this morning
  • ?!?!?!
  • David is really struggling
  • He spent the entire morning crying
  • He is not doing well in school
  • He is not getting the help he needs
  • Guidance Counselor is not responding to his messages
  • I called this morning and left a message with her
  • He said yesterday he wants to quit
  • He will be 18 in November
  • I know he hasn’t tried his best
  • however, he said he doesn’t understand the work
  • Teacher refuses to grade his essays
  • Returns them because they are so bad
  • I am not good with essays
  • David’s ex-girlfriend is bi-polar
  • and depressed
  • She apparently tried to kill herself
  • overdosing on her meds
  • For 6 months she put David on a huge emotional roller coaster ride
  • She broke up with him 3 times a week
  • and left him crying
  • He quit
  • he still cares about her.. so do we
  • but he had enough
  • He was finally moving on.. trying to be her friend and that is it
  • hanging out with new friends
  • After a long talk yesterday, David was feeling better
  • then she called
  • and started her emotional blackmail
  • She wants to die and it is all his fault
  • he never loved her
  • He tried to call her mother
  • he is worried about her
  • He left a message with her mother
  • I don’t know what to do but pray
  • I want to force her to cut off all communications from him
  • however
  • they go to the same school
  • that is where she does most of her damage
  • ok.. enough of that
  • Anna is going to Mimi’s this Thursday
  • whoo hoo
  • I thought about leaving her for 9 days
  • but she starts t-ball the following friday
  • so we drop her off Thursday in RI
  • Friday night is Potluck Dinner with Angel’s old bowling league
  • I am excited about it
  • I don’t get out much.. lol.. can you tell
  • Saturday Angel works so I get to spend time to myself
  • We usually pick Anna up on Sunday
  • But we are thinking of leaving her there a few more days
  • and I can do some massive work here.. moving my computer downstairs and such
  • paint her dressers
  • things like that
  • of course.. if Anna wants to come home earlier she can
  • We will pick her up whenever she needs us to
  • but she loves Mimi and Papa..
  • and will spend the weekend with Jade and Kate
  • I don’t know why I like doing bullet blogs
  • I think it helps the rambling thoughts in my head
  • to be released on here
  • is that weird
  • Ok.. I am working on a birthday blog for Anna.. it is long..
  • Have a great day!