I have not posted in forever.  I really don’t know why.. plenty
has been going on.  Of course.. now I don’t know what to say.. lol

Anna:  I am five years old, and then I will be 6, 7, 8, 9 and
10!!  I will be 10 years old and then I can be married and be like
a mother to my children.  and I can’t live with you anymore. 
I can’t live in this house.  I am sorry, but I will still be your
little girl.   I will have to call you Mother instead of
Mommy.  Because I won’t be a child anymore.  Only children
call their mommy, mommy.  I will be like a mother to my
children.  I just wish I could find a boy to marry, because Mary
Jane is going to marry spiderman.

Am I in trouble or what???