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I am so tired.. I do not want to be awake.  Hubby and I watched
Monsoon Wedding last night.. totally not what I expected for an Indian
movie.. and left me in tears.. Then hubby had to work and wanted me to
keep him company.. we went downstairs to watch another movie..(can’t
remember the name now.. ) but I was falling asleep so badly.. I get up
at 6 every morning.. he asked why?? At 6am I started to ride my bike
and do devotions.. before everyone else wakes up.. So I crawled into
bed at 12:30am.. so tired..

Woke up at 7.. sore.. no exercise today (yesterday was the first time in a few months).. I so need more sleep..

As for that bimbabop.. The dish is in a very  hot stone pot.. it
stays hot the entire time you eat.. when you get your meal.. the egg is
raw on top.. you stir it in and you can see it cooking.. if you don’t
stir soon.. the rice on the bottom burns and you can see the egg on top
cooking like you would cook on stove.  You also mix in this sauce
they give you on the side.. (spicy).  It is like a big pot of stir
fried rice.. we did not have all the things that were in that pic.. it
was however the closest we could get.. each place we have gone to makes
it different.  Angel has even tried making it at home..

On Sunday a member of our church had a Father’s day cookout.  Angel wanted me to try Masala Dosa
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we had eaten it at the Indian buffet and really like it..

Directions Here
site above also shows step  by step..

It is basically a potato mixture inside what looks like a crepe..
however the crepe is made from lentils.. I decided to do an egg crepe
(since we have plently)  and I had to omit dal since I had no clue
what it was.. we also bought chutney for a dipping sauce.. Everyone
seem to like it.. David had a taste the night before.. he did not go to
the cookout with us.. but asked if there were any left over.. there was
none.. I may make some more tonight.

I would love to learn how to make malai kofta next
It is some type of vegetable dumpling in a curry sauce.. and it is yummy!

Oh.. and yes.. Angel wore the shirt all day and got a few comments.. Anna was so proud.


Happy Birthday / Father’s Day Daddy!

Daddy went to get a new license, I wasn’t happy about that.. because I liked his picture and don’t want him to have a new one.

While he was gone, Mommy and I got things ready.. When daddy came home we yelled “surprise”..

Here is a card I made daddy with muffin cup holders


On the back I put lots of kisses..

A shirt I made daddy

My Shirt
Daddy and I played “muscles” while mommy made breakfast.

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Mommy made Bacalaitos

We also made Daddy’s favorite cookies, Oatmeal raisens.  As you can see.. there isn’t much left.

Then we drove an hour to get here

Ichiban Japanese Korean Restaurant


Mommy and Daddy ate
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Stone Pot Bibim-Bap

and I had
Japanese Food
Yakitori and a salad

We had a very good day!



Sunday Morning and I was up, dressed and waiting.. We are not going..
Angel is  not feeling well at all.  We think it was the water
at a Thai Restuarant.  Our menu was different.. so it can’t be
that ( I suffered drastically early Saturday morning and througout the
day).. We were in another town attending the Homeschooling
Convention.  (Which, btw, was totally awesome!)  Today we go
pick up Anna in RI, and head over to my cousin’s home (her daughter is
having a b-day party).  Hopefully Angel will feel better soon for
the long trip.

Musical comments –

As a kid I liked Annie, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady, and Singing in the Rain.
Posted 6/8/2006 at 10:24 AM by hjohnson6

We have Annie (love that one) and Seven Brides (my fave).  I
requested My Fair Lady, and Singing in the Rain from the Library

and Broomsticks  (that is a Disney one)  Pete’s Dragon (another
Disney)   I love musicals.  My all time favorite is Sound of Music. 
Some day… I’d love to act in that musical!
Posted 6/8/2006 at 11:16 AM by IamDonnaC

Bedknobs is on my library list.. I forgot all about Pete’s Dragon.. I need to request that.


love meet me in St Louis….awww…I totally love musicals……seven
brides of seven brothers another favorite….we actually watch musicals
here as a family..including our son who is 15 enjoys certain ones…..I
think it’s because he was raised watching them….


Posted 6/8/2006 at 6:09 PM by Worldofrondadebi

I have never seen Meet me in St. Louis.. gonna have to get that one.  My David also enjoys quite a few.

was totally awesome!.  I got to meet Teri Maxwell (managers of the home & and the family, and Jay Wile (whom I met here)
I went to alot of the Maxwells workshops, orderd audio tapes and bought
some of the books.  We also bought Math U See and Alpha
Phonics.  I plan to use Interlock along with these.  I
stopped by the alpha omega table and asked if they sell the 123 read
tapes seperately.. The rep looked it up and couldn’t find it.. I
explained I had a used 1-2-3 Read  but no tape to go along with
it.. she asked another rep if they had any in the boxes.. then they
went searching.. pulled out three tapes and said.. take them.. I was in
shock… I asked.. are you sure.. and she said.. if you can’t order..
how are you supposed to get them.. go ahead.. here.. What a tremendous

Here is an interesting story for you…

I didn’t need that finger anyways!

On Monday, I was doing my daily
routine.  I was washing dishes, and started scrubbing the coffee
pot to make a fresh pot.. Just singing  “Sister Suffragette” (Mary
Poppins song stuck in my head).. just scrubbing that pot when it broke
in my hand.. glass stuck in my left fore-finger.  I pulled it out
and there was just blood all over my hand.   I had 2 pretty
serious looking cuts.. the forefinger is sliced on the side of the
first joint (near the tip).. the pinky… the pad of the finger is
sliced off and hanging. 

I don’t do well with cuts.. I have no clue about stitches, etc.. it
just looked bad and bloody.  Angel jumped out of bed ready to take
me to the hospital.. he was insisted.. I did not want to go sit for a
few hours in a hospital waiting room and pay 50.00 to discover it
doesn’t need stitches.

So I decided to bug the neighbor .. mom of 2 teen boys who also worked
in medical field in military..  She came over and looked.. no
stitches needed.. whew..

However I am now walking around with two huge fingers (thick foam
bandaids).. ugh.. I got to wash my hair with a bag on my hand.. steam
still found their way in.. ugh.. and dishes are supposed to be as
no-no.. but that is impossible!

Don’t Worry about it.

Me: Anna, no you may not help me stir the hot macaroni over the stove.
Anna: Mommy, Don’t worry about it

Me: No, You can not go ride your bike if I am not out there
Anna: Mommy, Don’t worry about it

Me: Anna, it is too cold to wear those shorts
Anna: Mommy, Don’t worry about it

Can you figure out Anna’s favorite phrase these days?

Musicals and More

We have been getting into musicals around here.  A few months back
Anna watched Guys and Dolls with me and enjoyed it a bit.
Guys and Dolls 

 I introduced her to Sound of Music
The Sound of Music (Single Disc Widescreen Edition) 

and discovered that hubby had never seen it.. Then I requested Mary Poppins from the library (hubby never saw that either)..
Mary Poppins (40th Anniversary Edition) 

 so Annaleah has been loving them both. 

I also requested a Bollywood movie that starred Aishwarya Rai (from Bride and Prejudice).
I Have Found It (Kandukondain Kandukondain) 

 Anna was so pschyed.. She loves B&P and constantly sings.. (You have no life, without a wife).
Bride and Prejudice 

 She sat down ready to watch it and about 5 minutes into the show
proclaimed.. “I can’t understand anything they are saying!”  The
movie was not in English at all.. (subtitles) so poor Anna got bored
and ended up playing in her room. 

We fully enjoyed the movie and especially loved the music.  I sat
down and formed a list of more Bollywood movies to enjoy.. I also
started a list of musicals that Anna should see..

What are some of the musicals that you enjoyed as kids?? or share now with your own?

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