Sunday Morning and I was up, dressed and waiting.. We are not going..
Angel is  not feeling well at all.  We think it was the water
at a Thai Restuarant.  Our menu was different.. so it can’t be
that ( I suffered drastically early Saturday morning and througout the
day).. We were in another town attending the Homeschooling
Convention.  (Which, btw, was totally awesome!)  Today we go
pick up Anna in RI, and head over to my cousin’s home (her daughter is
having a b-day party).  Hopefully Angel will feel better soon for
the long trip.

Musical comments –

As a kid I liked Annie, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady, and Singing in the Rain.
Posted 6/8/2006 at 10:24 AM by hjohnson6

We have Annie (love that one) and Seven Brides (my fave).  I
requested My Fair Lady, and Singing in the Rain from the Library

and Broomsticks  (that is a Disney one)  Pete’s Dragon (another
Disney)   I love musicals.  My all time favorite is Sound of Music. 
Some day… I’d love to act in that musical!
Posted 6/8/2006 at 11:16 AM by IamDonnaC

Bedknobs is on my library list.. I forgot all about Pete’s Dragon.. I need to request that.


love meet me in St Louis….awww…I totally love musicals……seven
brides of seven brothers another favorite….we actually watch musicals
here as a family..including our son who is 15 enjoys certain ones…..I
think it’s because he was raised watching them….


Posted 6/8/2006 at 6:09 PM by Worldofrondadebi

I have never seen Meet me in St. Louis.. gonna have to get that one.  My David also enjoys quite a few.

was totally awesome!.  I got to meet Teri Maxwell (managers of the home & and the family, and Jay Wile (whom I met here)
I went to alot of the Maxwells workshops, orderd audio tapes and bought
some of the books.  We also bought Math U See and Alpha
Phonics.  I plan to use Interlock along with these.  I
stopped by the alpha omega table and asked if they sell the 123 read
tapes seperately.. The rep looked it up and couldn’t find it.. I
explained I had a used 1-2-3 Read  but no tape to go along with
it.. she asked another rep if they had any in the boxes.. then they
went searching.. pulled out three tapes and said.. take them.. I was in
shock… I asked.. are you sure.. and she said.. if you can’t order..
how are you supposed to get them.. go ahead.. here.. What a tremendous

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