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Ok.. I don’t share pics of me often.. I hate pics of me.. but here it goes..

First Anna –




Now me.. eeek..




At least I hope I am back..

I thought it was going to finally be my house
again.. that we were going to get back into routine.. but No!  The Lord
had different plans..

First let me go back a bit..

  1. Thursday, June 22 – Jade came over to spend some time with us before she left for Florida
  2. Wednesday, June 28 – My baby brother, Mike, surprised my parents with a visit from Florida after not seeing him for 5.5 years.
  3. Then we discover Angel’s dad is here visiting from Puerto Rico (at Angel’s sister’s home)
  4. Tueday, July 4- We bring Jade home after being here for 12 days, visit Mike for a bit..
  5. Then we head to Providence to see Angel’s dad
  6. There is a full fledge cook-out going on.. with tons of family members.. Anna saw cousins she had never met before.
  7. Angel’s brother, Carlos, was also visiting from Florida with his oldest daughter..
  8. We hear that his younger daughter, Karyna (6) is not doing well (Brain stem glioma)
  9. Saturday, July 8th – We find out that
    no one is able to bring my gram (who is definately aging and doesn’t
    have much time left) to see Mike.  So we make the trip to pic her up
    (45min) and drive her to see Mike (1hr 15min) and then back.. She was
    so happy to know she was going.
  10. As we pick her up.. she falls in her
    apt.. which really scares me.. she hit her knee pretty hard but
    insisted that she wanted to go and I should keep my mouth shut.
    (thankfully the pain went away and she is having no problems whatsoever
    – Praise God!)
  11. Monday, July 10 – Mike and Jade leave for Florida (Jade will be staying for about a month)
  12. Tuesday, July 11 – Kaitynn is coming to spend a month with me
  13. We also discover that Angel’s neice, Karyna passed that day
  14. Angel gets a call from his brother and
    ends up feeling guilty for not planning on going to Florida for the
    wake/funeral.  We stay up all night looking for flights, hotels, and
    car rentals.. cost – 1,000 that we do not have.
  15. Angel is also not doing well because
    some people from Canada, Uk and parts of US are here (since Monday)
    from one of his projects at work.. and he is the only one to escort
    them throughout the building and work with them..
  16. Wednesday, July 12 – He decides he is
    not going to Florida after we really talked about his situation.. which
    was a relief for him
  17. We discover a friend of David who is
    16, has been kicked out of her home with no place to go.. We allow her
    to stay til the weekend.
  18. Thursday, July 13 – A friend who recently moved back to the area comes to visit with her 3 kids.. ( so good to see her)
  19. Our Lake Compounce trip is threatened to be cancelled due to problems at work
  20. Saturday, July 15 – all goes well and we spend the day at Lake Compounce Theme Park
  21. Kate decides she doens’t want to stay for a month.. cause she misses mommy really bad
  22. Throughout this week many things
    happy.. Kate and Anna are not getting along.. Anna is a completely
    different person when she is with Kate.. Basically when Kate does
    something to her.. Anna sees it as permission to constantly do things
    back.. this includes spitting, pinching, hair pulling, hitting.. etc..
    AHhhhh!  It has been a tough week and I am exhausted. 
  23. Monday – Wednesday, July 17 – 19 –
    Morning VBS at church.. which means Angel drops us off 2 hours early..
    so I get up extra early to pack breakfast of some sort, games to play
    and tons of water.. etc.  Each day I get home (1 – 1:30)the house is
    trashed and girls are wild and cranky.. it is really hot.. so we spend
    afternoon in pool, cleaning and getting dinner ready.
  24. Angel is at work early each morning and home late each night.. training a guy from India.
  25. Wednesday night – July 19 – Huge storm, both kids end up sleeping on my bedroom floor..
  26. Thursday July 20 – things are sooo much
    better.. I am home, patience is easier when things are done.. I am able
    to use creative discipline and talk about conseqences and such without
    being on the verge of yelling ..all is good..
  27. Friday July 21 – I am able to think clearly.. still sad that
    Kaitlynn wants to go home.. but determine that it must be the Lord’s
    plan.. I need to go back to routine.. I need to get the house back in
    order.. I am looking forward to it.  Angel and I decide that we will
    let Angie pick Kate up on Sunday.. I wash a ton of clothes to prepare..
    Life is good. I am exhausted.
  28. Saturday July 22 – We planned a trip to
    the zoo that has to be cancelled due to rain.. so we head to eye appt
    for me and Anna.. (first for Anna and she did awesome- such a big girl)
    then head to Regal Reptiles where the girls have a blast.. 
  29. After Regal Reptiles we head to Cesar’s
    home.. where we received some things from Karyna’s funeral.. Sit, chat
    etc.  Kate is having fun with our neice, Brianna (Cesar’s daughter
    -8).  Out of the blue Tracey says (Brianna’s mom) When are you taking
    Brianna for a week?  (we have been discussing it for a long time, she
    has never slept here before)  Angel announces – we can take her now..
    she is excited.. he tells her to go pack.
  30. I sit in shock, stunned.. what? did I hear that right??  I have this look on my face like.. huh??
  31. Kate decides since Brianna is coming for the week.. she doens’t want to go home.. so she calls mommy to tell her..

So, now instead of having my house back.. I have gained another child
for either 1 or 2 weeks.. (angel was pushing for 2) and then Illiana
(14) asked if her and Brianna can come after she gets out of summer

The Lord won’t give me more than I can handle.. right??  Lord, is that true?

I kept giving hubby looks all night and said.. what did you do to me?

I guess I will get my house back when everyone starts school. 

Oh.. on the way home we were going to take the girls to chinese buffet
(it was late) and the car started acting really really bad.. so we
heading straight home.. hit a bump and it was fine again(???).. so we
did chinese take-out nearby and now we are not going to church (which
means no quick shopping to satisfy these children.. lol .. ( I have
supplies to do a bit of baking at least.. ) and now he has to bring the
car in on Monday morning..

I think I am offically exhausted.. and crazy.

I have been told the picture is not showing up.. (although I can see it.. strange)..

Here is the link..

Thank you Roberta and Donna for letting me know!

Reachelle Marie Smith

Claim:   A 3-year-old girl named Reachelle Marie Smith is missing from her Minot, North Dakota, home.

Status:   True.  

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, 2006]

Please look out for this little one.

AMBER ALERT!!!!! Body: I need everyones help!!!! Please repost this
ASAP. This is the daughter of a very close personal friend. Her worst
nightmare came true as a parent. Her little girl was abducted by what
they thought was a family friend. We need to get the word around so we
can get this sweet little girl back to her family. Follow the
instructions at the bottom to repost this message please!!



Origins:   The
above-quoted message is a legitimate missing child alert. The girl
pictured, 3-year-old Reachelle Marie Smith, has been missing from her home in Minot, North Dakota, since mid-May 2006, and an Amber Alert was issued for her on 22 May 2006.

Initial reports indicated that Reachelle was believed to be in the company of a 22-year-old man named Leigh Cowen,
who lived with Reachelle’s aunt, her legal guardian. However, Cowen has
since been found dead of an apparent suicide, and Reachelle has not yet
been located.

Reachelle’s case has been profiled on the America’s Most Wanted television program, and although the case remains open, authorities say they now have few leads to go on, and the active search for her has effectively ended:

Cops in Minot,
N.D., are now searching for new clues that will lead them to Reachelle
Smith. Investigators say they initially thought the little girl may
have been traveling with 22-year-old Leigh Cowen. But any hopes of
finding the 3-year-old with him vanished when cops found Cowen’s dead
body following what appeared to be a suicide.

Unfortunately, the discovery of Cowen’s body didn’t shed any
light on where Reachelle might be. But that doesn’t mean investigators
are giving up. As of May 26th, a force of 200 searchers continued the mission to find the little girl.

Search teams scoured parks, a local river and a city landfill in hopes
of finding clues. The National Guard also joined the search.

But following the weekend search, police say the search is taking a new
turn — things are starting to wind down in the search for little
Reachelle. Investigators say the fact that they’ve received few new
leads is putting a damper on their mission.

Reachelle Smith was last seen at her house on Tuesday, May 16, 2006, at about 10:30 p.m., when she was put to bed. She is about 3′ feet tall and weighs about 40 pounds. She has brown eyes and straight, light brown hair.

Last updated:   14 June 2006

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