I just need to share with someone..

The day was not a bad day overall.  Tomorrow (I should say today since
it is 3:30am.)  will be a busy one.  We need to get all dressed up,
head to my mom’s (1hour and 15min) spend a bit of time there.  Drive to
New Hampshire for an Anniversary Party with mom and Jade. (mapquest
says 1hour and 30 min) Which ends at midnight.  Drive back to mom’s .
Stay the night, attend church with my mom(my old church!).. then drive

Last night, Angel decided we should go to the fair up the street.. so
we did.. It was not bad at all.  Anna won a penguin(stuffed of
course..lol) She wanted to win a fish but that game just seemed totally
impossible.  So after eating some junk, anna enjoying some rides, and
seeing some crafts and animals.  We headed home.

So I let Danny and Baby (dog and cat) out .. I run downstairs to get my
sheets out of the dryer cause my tearful daughter is hystercal (very
tired) and we need to go to bed.. I come up and let danny in.. baby
runs in also and there is this horrible scent

So now danny is locked in the garage and baby is stuck outdoors.  and I
am totally frustrated cause my chances at a nice hot bath before
everyone wakes is now not gonna happen cause I am gonna have to bathe
the dog and since anna will be up by then.. rush and take a shower, get
dressed up and pack for the weekend.  Hubby will of course probably
sleep til about 9 (especially since he stayed up til 2am) 

So now I am frustrated.. I yelled at anna for jumping on the bed while
I was trying to make it.. she is in the corner crying again.. Then the
bedroom power goes out.  Angel tries to change the fuse.. It is a
different fuse than the others.. and he has no more.. so we now have no
bathroom lights (main bath is connected to our bedroom-weird).  no
clock to wake me early.  and no cpap to help me breathe.. so of course
my attitude is now worse than it was.

I just lay down .. I leave anna with daddy and just fall asleep.. then
I realize david isn’t home yet.. He was with some friends at the fair
and said he would be home.  So I come out of the room.. it is 1:10am.
I call and leave david a very angry message on his cell. Then I go back
to bed.

Angel crawls in at 2am and says something to me.. I said well I have
to give danny a bath in the morning.. do we have peroxide and baking
soda downstairs.. he says yes but leave him alone.. I said I am not
leaving him in the garage all weekend.  Angel says he can stay in the
yard then.  I don’t agree (he knows how to get out of the yard and
doens’t have a new license yet)

I keep waking up.. gasping for air.. fiddling around in the dark to go
to the bathroom.. finally at 3am.. I quit and I come out here to the
living room.  I sit up in the glider and try to sleep there.. but too
many thoughts in my head.. I look over at the kitchen sink.. (the light
over the sink stays on at night) there is a fish swimming in a bag that
is sitting in a bowl.. I am confused.. finally it dawns on me.. and I
rush to david’s room.. he is there in bed.. whew.. now I feel better..
will deal with him in the morning. 

I pull out a fish bowl I won a few years back in a raffle.. it has a
bag of stones, water conditioner and food.. great.. I set it up and now
that fishy is happy.  Anna will be surprised.

So now I sit here.. I just did a jigsaw on jigzone.com.  Don’t know if
I will try to sleep.. I know one thing.. I need to pray.  Why is prayer
the last thing I think of amid chaos?  Instead of praying I sit here
and dwell on what will happen in the morning.. will I be ready.. should
I bathe danny now.. in the dark?  outside on my deck.. there no light
in the bathroom so I can’t in there.. oh yeah and how will I take a
shower in the dark?? shave my legs.. oh why me?..

Yes, this is my thinking.. but I think I will stop now.. and go pray.