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Dad is home.  whew.  I am still amazed that he went through with it.. (he has been cancelling way too many times).

He is tired and in pain.. but was joking around and such.. which is a very good sign..

Thanks again for all the prayers.


My dad has been through the surgery.  He is awake and all is well so far. 

Thanks for the prayers!

I asked Anna to pose in front of the new aquarium.. She decided to do more than a simple pose..







Wanted to share Runaway’s new set up.  He has a play area on the floor..


A cute story.  Last night I felt Angel jump out of bed and turn
the light on.  I noticed Anna had climbed in with us.  So I
moved her back to her mat.  Angel was standing there with Runaway
in his hands.. He said he felt something and thought it was a fly..
then he realized what it was.

This morning, Anna tells me that last night she felt something on her
mat.  It kinda felt like a hamster was on there.. She couldn’t see
because it was dark so she crawled in bed with us.  When I told
her the hamster followed her into our bed she said.. “Does he like me
or something?”


Isn’t he adorable?


Pray for my Dad

He is in surgery right now.. He finally decided to go through with it.
Thank you.

Well, once again things got very busy around here. On Thursday evening we took David and his best friend out to dinner at TGI Friday. My Sirloin with portabella mushrooms was delicious! Anna was sticking close to Marty all night. She has had a crush on him since she was 2. He was very nice with her.. he was coloring or something on her little activity book. We had to get another sump pump tonight for the walkout. When we woke that morning I could smell fuel in the basement. Turned out the sump pump that was in the walkout broke.. So there was a huge amount of water with fuel or something in it..

Friday was David’s 18th birthday.. I just can’t believe my son is 18. It doesn’t seem to be that long ago when I had him.

Saturday was spent going to ballet and running errands. One thing we needed to do was stop by the pet store and pick up a vaccum for the new fish tank.. We love looking at the pets there.. they have puppies, kitties, bunnies, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets, chipmunk(fun to watch), birds and of course many reptiles.. Anna seriously thought we were getting her another pet.. we go there often enough she knows we don’t buy pets whenever.. last time we were there we did buy a snail for the tank. I found her in front of the turtles and she said .. mommy, which one should I get.. I am like.. umm.. no.. we have enough pets.. but mommy (she says) we just need 1 more.. please..

We did not buy another pet.. silly girl.. Mommy has enough cleaning to do as it is.

As for the fish.. We put david’s fish in a 10 gallon tank along with a snail. Then my friend Steph and her kids brought over a fish for Anna.. she named it Lava Girl. David’s fish is (I know I am gonna spell this wrong) Rumpleskilten. We are really pleased with the tank.. it is in the living room now.. the hamster now has a new spot. and the fish are fun to watch.

Yesterday was spent at home, relaxing. It was just one of those days. Anna still has a nasty cough and Angel woke up feeling feverish.

I am about to get ready for some bloodwork… so much fun being poked with a needle.. (not!)

Have a great day!

Would you believe we all went to bed around 8pm last night??? Those who know me know that I do not go to bed before 10pm.. most of the time we are up til midnight. I have been awake since 4am so I finally decided to sit and write today.. Sorry I have been lacking here.

Homeschooling – is going pretty well.. we are mainly focusing on Math, Phonics and Reading. We are using Math-U-See – working on number placement. She definately loves using the blocks .. it is working wonderfully as a visual. She is having a difficulty with identifying her letters. So we have been playing alot of games and such. Right now for reading we are going through the Hopscotch Hill Series. She is definately enjoying that. I would love to work on a butterfly kit with her. So I have been gathering information on that. I think she would benefit greatly working hands on.

Health – Sickness has invaded the home.. I have been sick.. still not completely over it. Anna keeps getting sick. David is getting better. Angel started feeling ill yesterday. Anna was doing great til Saturday. We went to visit mom and kinda celebrated David’s birthday early with her. Anna played with Jade and Kate.. but didn’t eat anything. We decided to head to Cesar (Angel’s brother) since it was his birthday.. when we got there.. Anna was needy.. I put her in my lap and she just crashed. Her body was hot. Her temp wasn’t high -99.8.. but it definately affected her. Right now she is mostly coughing.. along with David.. I am so hoping it ends quickly.

Visitors – This summer has been very busy with lots of visitors.. which I totally love. Let’s see, Jade(8) spent about 10 days before heading to her dad’s in Florida for a month, Kaitlyn (6) about 2 weeks, Brianna (Angel’s niece 8) 1 week (with Kaitlyn), Illiana (Angel’s neice- 14) 1 week and mom 2 weeks. Of course there was quite a bit of activities in there also.. Lake compounce, movies, Regal Reptiles, Roger Williams Zoo, The circus.. Definately a busy summer. One of the reasons I have not posted alot lately.

This coming month will be alot of traveling for us. Alot of birthdays.. Kate and Jade are sharing a party, David’s birthday is the same day as Kates, Cesar just had a birthday, Angel’s mom’s birthday was Sunday. Mix that up with Thanksgiving and wow what a busy month.

Annaleah – cute story about Annaleah

On Saturday, on the way back from RI, we stopped at a Pizza place. Anna insisted she was not hungry.. so we ordered. All she wanted was chocolate milk. At the end of our meal the waitress comes to pack up my meal for home.. Anna was munching on my ice.

Anna: Excuse me, can I take home the ice?
Waitress: Oh yes you can. No one has ever asked that before..

As we are ready to leave..

Anna: Excuse me? What can I carry my ice in?
The waitress goes to get a cup..

I was laughing so hard.. It is just one of those things where you just have to be there.. She is so opinionated lately.. I have got to start writing down her words.

David – Is going to be 18 on Friday!! Please be praying for him and others involved. He came to me about 2 months ago with a situation that will change all of our lives. I can not divulge this information at this time.. I appreciate your prayers.

Our Home – is falling apart.. first it was the sliding door.. It would no longer lock. Then David discovered water pouring onto his computer desk from the shower upstairs. Our sump pump broke and there was a flood in the basement. The washer broke. Car decided to break down which left us desperately looking for a rental to take mom home that weekend. Then we lost power in half the house.. very odd.. (which included the washer, dryer, sump pump, deep freezer, stove/oven, and upstairs fridge. turns out after a weekend of Angel trying to figure it out.. it was something only the Electric company could fix. A tree wore into the cable outside.. pretty badly. So after having to improvise on dinners (no gas for the grill either.. ugh) and washing laundry by hand..(yep I truly did).. When Angel’s car completely stopped in the cul-de-sac last Thursday.. (Power just was gone – turned out to be the wire for the battery) I had to clasp my hand over my mouth and leave the room for fear of laughter.. I mean seriously, this is alot to happen in a two month period. I am glad to have an understanding husband that did not hold my reaction against me.

Pets –
About two weeks ago.. I went in the living room to say hi to Runaway(our hamster) when I woke up in the morning. I sometimes catch him in the play ground area we made for him. Basically we have a good size bin filled with tubes and such.. and extra food.. on the floor in front of his cage. Then we have tubes running down into the bin. On this particular morning.. he was not there.. I searched his cage and nothing. I thought he had gotten loose and we were going to have to search for him.

About an hour later I just happened to notice a figure in the hideway part of the cage.. I thought.. he wasn’t there before.. no way.. but how could he get back into the bin.. maybe I just wasn’t looking closely enough.. and then I dismissed the thought.

Well, Runaway was missing for 2 nights.. He had gotten out of the bin again. We heard him in the bedroom but couldn’t seem to find him. Angel left for work and I happen to see a figure in his hideaway.. there was Runaway, trying to sleep. I called Angel on his cell.. he did not put Runaway there.. So our hamster has been exploring at night.. lol. We decided since he is able to get back home.. we will let him continue exploring. Too bad I can’t record his adventures..

Next I will try to post pics for tomorrow maybe..

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