Thanksgiving Thursday – We spent the entire day being lazy. I cooked.. we ate.. I ate in my pj’s.. that is how lazy we were.

Friday – We left anna with David at 4:30 in the morning and headed to ToysRus where I got something for Jade, Kate (dance mat ) and Anna (twin baby stuff – high chair, swing, etc all in one pack!).. then headed to target and waited in line there for david’s gift (can’t say in case he reads this). Then we headed to Home Depot and bought a live tree and some needed accessories and a wreath (also live), then we headed to AC Moore where I got Jade a sewing machine and kate a pottery wheel for their birthdays. Also grabbed friendship bracelet kit for jade’s christmas and Hello Kitty scrapbook kit for kate’s. Then we headed out for breakfast. We arrived home at 10:30 am and set up the tree. My Avon order arrived and in it was a train I had ordered.. so now sits a tree and a train.. no lights or decor Of course this also meant I spent the entire day trying to rearrange the living room to fit the tree.

Saturday we planned on staying home.. I spent the morning moving things and culling mags and papers.. Also played on the playstation with Angel for a bit, then angel decided we should go to job lot and walmart.. and I needed birthday wrapping paper.. so off we went. As we drove about 10 min out .. the brakes went.. angel had to pull over.. and we discovered a hole in the brake line! He couldn’t call anyone cause his cell was dead.. so we had to drive home (alot down hill).. very slowly using the clutch and emergency brakes along the way.. I am so thankful we were not already near the stores or even on a highway.. it would not have been good.

Sunday – Angel went and got a car rental.. we rushed to the store for wrapping paper.. then rushed to the church so angel could get some paperwork done with pastor. We discovered that Paula (pastor’s wife) had her baby that morning! After chatting with them we headed to RI stopping only to get burgers for the road.

We got to Michaels for the birthday party. Gave Jade and Kate quick hugs.. got Anna settled.. chatted briefly with Angie and left.. Watched anna through the window for a few minutes as they were getting ready to make their craft (bubble gum machine).

Mom, Angel and I headed to Uno’s and grabbed a small meal.. (onion soup was not good at all.. and I have never had bad french onion soup!) Then headed back to pick anna up.. while waiting we wrapped the gifts in the car.. after picking up anna and getting some cardstock.. we headed to angie’s to give the girls their gifts personally.. then headed to take mom home.. I stopped in and saw my dad.. he was trying to sleep and in a bit of pain.

This morning I finally finished going through all the papers and mags.. and reorganized. Angel is wanting to take the day off and go look for a car. Got a call from the school saying david was signing himself out of school.. he is planning to go to Adult Ed 2 nights a week.. which he will earn credits to get a high school diploma.. We knew this was coming.. So we set off to look for a used car.. We came home, did research on the cars we found.. wrote down the mileage and decided on 1 of two vehicles.. a Ford Escort wagon, or a Pontiac Transport van! We went back and checked the van out.. not bad at all..

Tuesday we decided to take the van for a test drive.. then we had to go to bank, insurance company etc.. there was no time to hit hte dmv..

Wednesday – craft day with Steph and kids.. Angel went to the dmv early.. Later Steph went wiht him so she could give him a ride from the rental place (returning car) to the van.. we are now the proud owners of a van.. wow.. While they were gone the kids and I made reindeer puppets (from enchanted learning) and our countdown to Christmas kisses.. (we made it last year at this time and it was a hit.) Then after Steph left we went for a drive.. checked out all the features of the van.. and got pizza.

Thursday – I explained to anna we were going to try something different.. We wrapped 25 Christmas books (anna wrapped quite a bit on her own) we used last years wrapping paper since the wrinkles didn’t matter.. Anna put bows on them and put them all under the tree. After she changed to her pj’s and brushed her teeth… she could pick one gift.. that was the one we would read in her bed only. I turned on her tree lights and after the book was done, we played a music cd on her computer (high school musical.. she loves it and knows all the words).. we both sang some of the songs.. (while I worked on a sudoku puzzle so I wouldn’t fall asleep).. she said.. I am not tired.. I don’t want to sleep here. Then about 2 min. later, she put her head down and she was out! I was able to stay up for a while without her running around.. She did crawl into our bed in the middle of the night..but that is ok.. it is a start. Now, I need to be consistant.

So that is what has been going on in our home.. how are things in your home? What are some of the things you are doing to celebrate Christmas.