The tree is finally getting decorated.. Yesterday I decided to play a game.. we pulled out number cards.. she has a really hard time with the teens… 11, 12,13,etc.. For each one she got right.. she picked an ornament for the tree and put it on.. each one she got wrong.. I picked an ornament. It went awesome.. she really tried to think before she said what it was.. she only got two wrong.. then for a glass ornament she has to lay the cards out on the floor.. in order.. she did perfect.. So right now there are only 21 ornaments on the tree.. actually 23 (she got to do the two wrong ones again at the end.) Today we will do the abc’s in the same way. See my daughter likes to goof off and pretend she doesn’t know the answer.. giving and incentive.. really works and she tries her best.

I am sick, again, and cold, brr.. it is 28 here.. (I know I am a wimp.. I belong in the south!) There was snow on the ground.. yesterday.. not much and it didn’t stay.. we have flurries right now also. I do love the sight of snow as long as I am inside under a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa in my hand (with lots of marshmellows).

I introduced anna to pipi longstocking yesterday. She has watched it 3 times now.. she loves it. It isn’t the original but that is ok. Anyone watch Heroes?? I am in total shock.. Everyweek is just something completely new that we did not predict was going to happen.. very exciting show.. and I have to wait til Jan 22nd for the next episode.. bah!

We are having some pet problems. The poor rabbits are not happy at all. They still do not like us.. I think it is too chaotic in this house for them.. they really deserve a better home.. so I am trying to find a good home for them.. I feel bad.. I never just get rid of a pet.. I do believe they are for life. However, it is not working this time. I have learned a lesson.. always meet the pet before deciding to take them home. We were at the pet store last night.. and the bunnies there are so friendly.. they like to be petting.. one practically crawled into angel’s arm.. we so wanted to take that one home.. I ended up dreaming about it last but first we have a responsibility to these guys.. any ideas?

The fish, david’s actually, is turning black.. I have been doing research, they are ammonia burns!! I have been trying to treat and bought a little thing to test the water.. so far it says safe levels.. We also have a snail in there that is not moving.. hasn’t moved for days.. did more research.. it doesn’t stink (a sign of death) so I guess we will just wait it out and see what happens. Anna was begging for a new snail last night.. but we really need to make sure the tank is safe before putting anything else in there.

Today we plan to make Christmas Cards.. Should be fun!