Random Thoughts

  • My daughter is going to be a complete Sci-fi nerd.
  • She loves Dr. Who
  • We got to record her in ballet class Saturday. 
  • It was sneak a peek day.
  • Then we dropped her off at my mom’s for a while.
  • We went to Ponderosa Buffet and Borders
  • It was so nice browsing a bookstore without a child to keep an eye on
  • She was upset when we came back 3 hours later. 
  • She wanted to stay there for 5 hours..lol
  • I have been trying to exercise and eat right again
  • Been spending alot of time on Sparkpeople.com
  • Anna has been saying the most amazing things lately
  • But I haven’t been writing them down..
  • Bad bad mommy!
  • I don’t know what else to say..
  • This is how my brains have been lately
  • just tons of rambling.. various thoughts
  • Let me think.. hmmm
  • We had craft day last week..
  • We made a snow man picture..
  • Blue paper, white circles, rice, googly eyes, pasta circles,
    cotton balls, and linguine pasta, various shaped foam (hearts, stars,
  • They had fun
  • The friend’s 4 year old boy had the look of total delight when he got to touch the rice.. lol. 
  • I didn’t take pics
  • and now I have run out of time
  • Time to wake up David
  • He has to get ready for some job searching..
  • Pray for him, k
  • Thanks
  • Have a Happy Monday!