Oh boy.. it has been an interesting weekend. On Saturday, because I was freezing, I decided to ride my bike for 20 min to warm up. I usually do not exercise on the weekends. As I was riding my seat started to slide backwards.. my bike is broken.. the frame just split! What would I do without a bike?? Everyone says walk. However, it hurts way too badly to walk.. I used to walk everywhere.. but now it is very discouraging and my feet kills all day through the next morning and I feel crippled.

Sunday we went bike shopping and I got a nordi-track. Oh my word.. it is big and has workout programs in there. I have been on it for 3 days and I am definately being challenged. I love it! I hate how much we spent.. but I love the workouts.

I also decided to order a juicer. I have seen the benefits of juicing from others around me.. and it is remarkable. I always said.. no way! Well, it is time for a change. I am not planning on going gung ho.. but do want to at least drink carrot juice 5 times a week or more. So here is to a new adventure.

I have not been doing that great foodwise.. but it is still much better than it was. Hubby doens’t help too much.. he keeps buying the stuff I should not be eating.. what can I say.. I am weak.

However, I think I did awesome Monday. We ended up going to Burger King on the way to pick up David. My mind was on the Texas Double Whopper or the Chicken Tenderloin Sandwich with jalopenos. So I decided I was just gonna order one of them.. don’t know which one.. but gonna do it.. I deserved it.. blah blah blah.. no fries and no soda. So I get right up to the counter and turned for some reason.. turned and glanced at a pic of grilled chicken salad and said..

I will have a grilled chicken salad please.
(Did I just say that?)

Ok.. so what happened.. I wanted the Sandwich.. why did I blurt out grilled chicken salad?? I don’t know.. but I sat there (facing the menu pictures) while eating.. and staring at the texas double whopper (which hubby ordered) My salad was good.. but that sandwhich looked good.. but I am very proud of myself. It is all about making healthier choices and I am on my way there. đŸ™‚

I finally got my juicer in the mail yesterday. So heavy! So I made my first carrot juice. I only had a bag of baby carrots, added and apple and a stalk of celery.. then stared at my glass for a good 5 minutes thinking.. do I really want that?? It was pretty good.. Angel picked up some carrots and beets for me last night.. so that is going to be interesting.

Today I am watching a friend’s children. I actually offered to keep them overnight. I know I will be busy today.