Where does the week go?? Everytime I find time to come and ‘blog’, I
discover that it has been a week or longer since I have been here
last.  Things have definately been busy. 

Today we actually have snow.  We are supposed to get freezing
rain.  My poor girl has been begging for snow to play in and it
just has not happened this year. 

Anna spotted a baby snail in our tank.  It was so exciting. 
It is just a tiny little thing.  I have been trying to keep my eye
out for more.

We have been doing quite a bit of learning.  On Groundhog Day, we
read a story about groundhogs, complete with pictures and even wav
files of what they sound like.  Then we watched Phil make his
prediction.  Anna took a little quiz on what she learned, colored
a pic and we made a book.  She had so much fun with it.  She
told me “mommy, I hope my daughter will love learning.  I hope I
can teach her. ”  I was so touched.  Later she came to me
with her little encyclopedia and wanted to learn more about various
things.. from sea creatures to her digestive system.. we looked at
video clips on the web.  It was awesome.  I am started to
realize what child – led learning is.  Now of course we still
focus on phonics a bit and math.. but I am learning that she learns
alot when we satisfy her curiosity . 

I am doing awesome on my new bike.. I took it easy one day due to pain
and I have been fine since.  I love the first 20 minutes of my
day.  It just gets me enough energy til mid afternoon.. then I
drink the carrot juice mix. 

This weekend.. the girls are coming for a week.  We pick them up on saturday.  I can’t wait.. neither can Anna. 

Have a Wonderful Valentines Day!