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My Danny,
My poor dog Danny, is getting older every day.  He will be 13 in May.  He is now having problems going down the back stairs during the day.  I have been having to let him out the front and take him around to the fenced in yard.  This makes me sad.  He has been having a problem at night but not like this.  I had let him out the other day and Anna heard him crying.. he was  on top of the deck steps trying to get down.  He was so desperate and so afraid.  I am saddened that the time has gone by so quickly. 

My friend’s dog died just recently.  She was a Keeshond.  She would have been 13 also.  Now my mind is so focused on my pet’s life.  Baby, our cat, is 13 this month.  She and Danny were practically together since birth.  Baby was the only one of her siblings that actually liked Danny.  They don’t play together anymore.. but Danny still gets a good washing when he needs it.  Baby is a great caregiver.  I know one thing.. I am happy I was able to keep a promised.  I told David when he was about 4 years old.. if we ever moved out of  housing.. We would get a dog and he would grow up with it.  I am so glad David has had the privilege of growing up with Danny.  There are lots that Danny has taught him. 

Winter Break

Jade and Kaitlyn were here for Winter break.  We had a great week with them.  They got along so well this time.  I had decided I would just let them all sleep in the living room all week.  I even had my friend’s daughter stay over for 2 nights.  I think she had a great time.  She is the same age as Jade.  We took them out to Chuck E Cheese one night.  They actually spent more time playing the big games instead of the ones in the kiddie section.. although Kaitlyn spent more time in the tubes.. lol.  She definately loves them.  We save all the tickets because there is just nothing worth trading them for when there isn’t much.  Instead we got the girls whichever ice cream they wanted from the machine.  I must say.  1.00 is a pretty good deal for a big size Ice Cream Sandwich.. just last week I notice a store selling a small one for 1.00.  Although it would have been cheaper to just buy a 3.00 box at the store.. but then they would not have such a wide selection to choice from.. not to mention.. it felt special eating whichever you wanted.. and you bet Angel and I had one also.  😀

Sickness Spreads
It started on the Saturday that the girls were still here.  We decided to take them to see Bridge of Terabithia.  (Great btw)  During the movie Kaitlyn had thrown up.. but since she was on the other side of Anna.. I didn’t even know it.  The poor girl did not tell anyone.  She threw up into her coat.. It was mostly chocolate and because she had been coughing.. we figured she probably coughed so hard that she gagged.. she said she was ok.  She looked ok.. So we moved on with the plans to eat at Chili’s.  The girls were really looking forward to it.  We got out of the van and headed into Chili’s.  I was holding Kaitlyn’s hands and trying to hurry and get her out of the cold.  Just as we were a few feet near the entrance.. She started coughing severely.. and I suddenly got this bad feeling.. I said honey.. sorry.. we can’t do this.. Go get take out.. As we turned to head back she threw up 3 times before getting to the van.  It was not good at all.  Luckily I had gallon size freezer bags in the van.  When we got home I gave her cough medicine (prescribed for her w/codeine)  Now I am not a med person.. but that worked almost instantly with her.  No coughing = No throwing up.  I then found out she has been sick with Bronchitus quite a bit… She really needed breathing treatments at home.  Sunday her mom gave her treatment as soon as she got home.

I called during the week to see how Kaitlyn was doing.. apparently she started getting a fever and Angie took her to the doc.  Turns out she had walking Pneumonia and very serious sinus infection.. I felt awful.  It just happened so suddenly.  Wednesday, Anna started off with a fever and coughing.. She had the fever for a few days but did finally get better.  She was also a bit weak.  She just laid there all day.  By Saturday she was feeling better.  Monday I was starting to get sick.. and felt completely weak.  We have gotten over all that.. but now Anna’s nose is running like bad, and my throat feels raw.. Man, what a tough year this is already. 

Let’s see.. what else..

Van stopped running on a busy road near our mall.. we were stuck there for more than 30 min before a tow came.  What amazed me is that we are totally on the right side.. which is where you go to enter the mall.  We are sitting there.. lights flashing.. waving our hands for people to go around us.. but alot were either too busy talking, or too busy yelling at us and beeping their horns.. There were a few who slowed down and asked if we needed help.. Nice to know some people are thoughtful.  But the majority were either clueless and sat there for awhile before realizing we were not moving.. or beeped and yelled.  I actually found it quite humorous watching their reaction.. (is that bad?? lol) 

Really exciting news!!  We are going to Virginia to finally meet some very close online friends!  I can not wait.  I am so totally excited.  I have known many of these ladies for about 5 years.  We will also take the time to visit Angel’s sister and her family.  Part of me is waiting for the bad news and trying not to be too excited.. (I know, very very bad habit to be negative). 

Ok.. this entry has been sitting here for a few days now as private.  I have been gradually adding things.. I know there is more that I wanted to say.. but I may never remember then at this point.. lol.  I am not even sure many people are even reading my site at this point.. but that is ok.. because this is how I keep track of things.  I love looking back and remember certain events in our life. 


My baby girl is sick.  😦  She has been coughing, watery eyes and a fever that can’t make up it’s mind.  She seems to be doing better this morning.  She is talkative but still clingly.. the watery look is leaving her eyes.  She just ate some crackers and frozen grapes.  Her fever is staying down and her coughing is getting less.  She is also slowly helping me with housework.. Since I was glued to her on the couch for almost 2 days.. Some work needs to be done.  Thankfully hubby is bringing home dinner.. whoo hooo.. no cooking tonight!

I am in trouble.. and it is because of a friend.. oh yes.. I blame her.   Years ago she said.. “you should get anna a bitty baby”  I said.. “oh no, we can’t afford that”  Well after a while of watching her daughter play with them, watching my niece get them.. I finally got her the twins for christmas.  Now her birthday is coming up.. I found the royalty outfit on sale for 20.00..

whoo hoo.. but then I see this matching picnic dresses and a picnic set for 20.  Not the dresses included.. the dresses are something like 24 for the doll, and 58 for anna.. um.. that is alot of money..

Now if I was a handy woman.. I would pull out my sewing machine and just sew her up matching outfits and maybe even a fabric picnic set.. But, I am not a handy woman.. I can’t even sew a straight line..So here I sit skimming through ebay and wishing I had the gift of sewing..


I wanted to write more.. but time has spend by too fast.. this window has been open for hours and I have not said much.  Anna is playing Webkinz on my pc (our new obsession I guess.. lol)  and hubby is on his way to the pizza place to pick up dinner (calzone for me.. yummy). 

Have a wonderful weekend.. hopefully I can write again tonight or tomorrow. 



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