Annaleah collects the eggs each day from the shed. One day last week, I went with her.  At the entrance she looked up and said..

Hello Mr. Bumble Bee
May we walk through?

She informed me that he said ‘yes, you may’

She also asked if we could leave the shed.

Apparently, she has been having this conversation with Mr. Bumble Bee all week.

On Saturday, we were in the van getting ready to go to ballet..
A Bumble Bee went by the van.
Anna called out “Bye, Mr. Bumble Bee”

The next day she was going to introduce Daddy to Mr. Bumble Bee.. He wasn’t there.
Where did he go?
“Daddy, He went to go visit his sister. ”

Now she is heading out to the coop to see if he has gotten dressed and eaten his breakfast today.