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Danny has been a wonderful friend for the last 13 years.

I miss him tremendously.


Isn’t this the cutest baby ever!

Ok.. things have been crazy.. my apologies..

The baby below.. is Ethan Xchy.. My grandson!  Can you believe I am a grandmother?  I am still pretty shocked.



this story came to my attentinon today.  Please keep family in your prayers.

for baby Kaleb.

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Sorry, that is not my nephew.. Here is another video. 

We are heading to a homeschool convention today.  Catch you when I get back.  

Ok, so it didn’t happen.  I did not find the time to do the rounds of sites.  Yesterday was kind of a disaster.  A neighbor down the street rang the door bell and asked if I had a black chicken.. apparently.. she was wandering through the neighborhood.  I got dressed and walked pretty far.. trying to call her and see her somewhere.. nothing..

I came back home and checked the back yard.  I saw a police car kinda cruising around.. I started to panic.. really panic.. I went back out looking and she was one street down (didn’t see her earlier).  I enticed her with some bread,  she was not happy when I grabbed her.. but she calmed down immediately and I swear.. she was falling asleep in my arms on the way home.. amazing.  I had a long talk with her.. (yes I do talk to my animals.. ) and told her she was going to a new home because she wouldn’t stay in the yard..  I cleaned up their coop a bit, put in a light, washed out their water container, filled their food dishes.. coaxed them all into the pen with cooked pasta.. and locked them up. 

They are not happy.. but I had to do it.  My neighbor once called and discovered from the town that we have to have 3 acres of land to have chickens.  So really, we are not supposed to have them.  We are waiting on someone who would like them.. hopefully she takes them soon. 

My mind has not been here.. I have so many pictues to post, so many things to share.. but this is where my mind has been..

anyone want to take a guess at who this is.. (those who already know.. shhhh  )

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