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I was playing around with a movie maker this morning.. fun.

I had a really nice visit today with Steph.  I ended up ordering a bunch of chico bags with her from a local group.  If you have never heard of chico bags.. check out  I am very excited and can’t wait til my order comes in..

Mom has been playing around with some pants that are a bit too short on anna.. we took an old dress and came up with this…


How cool is that..

Anyone who knows me well.. knows I love Koala’s.  My friend Steph, found a Koala pillowcase and snatched it up for me.. how sweet was that.  About 2 months ago, I was buying Kaitlyn and Anna new webkinz when I discovered the Koala Webkinz.. after alot of convincing from the girls, I have my own webkinz.


Guess that is it for my thoughts of the day.. 🙂



Last night we played Pet Shop Monopoly for 2 hours with Annaleah.. She was loving it.  Although she started getting distracted and hyper after 1.5 hours.. It was a bit long for her.  I love Monopoly.. it is my all time fave!  I told hubby we will have to have and adult only game one night.. we may have to pull an all-nighter for it..

What is your favorite board game?

Annaleah started ballet again yesterday.  She was a little concerned because she loved last year’s assistant.. (they are teenage girls, need I say more.. my daughter loves  teen girls)  She didn’t want a new one because she thought the other one was very pretty.  I assured her that she would love the new assistant and teacher this year.. of course..I was right..   She had to go and give her an extra hug goodbye.

When we signed her up for ballet, I asked if she wanted to take the ballet and tap dancing.  She did not want tap dancing at all.  So we signed her up for ballet only.  Well, the tap dancing section was right after her ballet class.. so when she came out.. she saw all these girls putting on tap shoes.  She came up to me and said.. mommy, why can’t I take tap dancing..  I reminded her what she had told me and said she could always take it next year.  She went right to her teacher and told her that she was taking tap next year.. We are hoping to surprise her with tap this year if there is an opening.  I am waiting for a callback.  It wil be exciting if there is.

Yesterday my gram and uncle Nick came.  Mom is here for the week.. so we went to see Ethan.  I have some pics to share.. he is getting soooo big!  He will be 4 months next week.


Nana meets Ethan


Hey Cutie


There are 5 generations.. Justine is kinda taking David’s place here..


which camera do we look at?




Ethan, look at the camera..


the guy on the end is Uncle Nick


why are my eyes closed??


A moment with Ethan


Don’t cry, Nana


My mom and Ethan


Ethan loves her dress – He was yelling at it.. lol


Uncle Nick and Ethan


Look at those eyes!


Some videos to share..



Just had to share my furry babies..









We have been busy the last few months, cleaning up and working on the house.  Alot has been done, but alot more needs to be done.  tons of painting especially.  Both sinks have been replaced and dripping fixed.  basement has been cleared out, rug pulled up and started putting a new one in it’s place.  Drop ceilings have been replaced .. the fiberglass ones were awful!  We started painting the living room walls.  David’s room had to be fixed.. there were holes hiding behind posters and tons of staples in the wall.  As I started putting primer on his wall.. a bright yellow writing was bleeding through.. turns out a few years ago, he and his friend got bored and started writing on the walls, ceiling and closet doors in highlighter.. thing was you couldn’t see it .. til you painted!  Ugh.. Well, that is all fixed now.  Annaleah is now the owner of that room which she shares with her bunny and hamster.  Her old room is now the office/schoolroom/craft area.. along with pups room (kennel is in here).  It is alot of work but starting to feel good now.  The back deck has also been cleared and re-painted.  We tossed out two 15 yard bins of clutter!  shocking! 

A funny for ya.  The other day, we went to Target.  We were looking at some of the clothes and such for anna.  She was in her usual distracted mood and I had to constantly say.. Anna, let’s go.  Well, I spotted a nice black tunic that would go with her ballet outfit (for coming and going to ballet) and started heading in that direction.. I heard ‘mommy, look’.. as I turn, she is swinging on a round clothes rack.. swinging.. and suddenly the entire clothes rack fell with her still on it.. Of course I was too far away to catch her.. She looked ok..but totally shocked.  A lady came and helped me wiht the rack.. I said to Anna calmly.. are you ok?  she nodded.. I said “will you be doing that again?” she shook her head no.  We then proceeded to pick up all the clothes and put them back.  She was very quiet the rest of the time in Target.. (totally embarrassed she was).. In the car, we told daddy what happened.. and she was rubbing the back of her head.. she did hurt herself a bit.  Hopefully it is a reminder, not to ever do it again.. Of course daddy said to me.. if you want to do that right should have two people.. one on each end.. yes I did glare at him at this point.. lol. 

I have no clue what she was thinking.. of course.. if I remember correctly.. I was about 10 when I thought it would be fun to swing on the shower rod one morning before school.. I went to school with faucet scrapings on my back.. I nice reminder to never try that again.. and it wasn’t fun explaining to each classmate as they asked.. why are you walking funny?. 

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