Hi!  I have been missing from here for a really long time.  I am sorry about that.  There is so much going on it is hard to take the time to write.. I don’t even know where to start.. I will spend some time reading your sites.. (for some reason they are not coming to my email anymore) 

Maybe it would help if someone had questions i could answer??  Ask away.. please..


My First question is from justagirl ! 

Right now with so much going on, we are focusing on Reading/Phonics and Math.  For Reading this year we are using Rod and Staff’s 1st grade books (wow.. first grade!), For Math we are continuing with Math-U-See.  Rod and Staff also have a math curriculum.. but since we already invested in math u see and like it.. we will continue with that.  For other subjects.. like science, etc.. I love to you go with the flow.. Anna loves experiments and we can learn so much with that.. Last Year we turned Ground hog day into a huge lesson.. It was awesome.  There is so much online and we love using YouTube to see different animals and such we may be learning about.  Hope that helps a bit.