Annaleah started ballet again yesterday.  She was a little concerned because she loved last year’s assistant.. (they are teenage girls, need I say more.. my daughter loves  teen girls)  She didn’t want a new one because she thought the other one was very pretty.  I assured her that she would love the new assistant and teacher this year.. of course..I was right..   She had to go and give her an extra hug goodbye.

When we signed her up for ballet, I asked if she wanted to take the ballet and tap dancing.  She did not want tap dancing at all.  So we signed her up for ballet only.  Well, the tap dancing section was right after her ballet class.. so when she came out.. she saw all these girls putting on tap shoes.  She came up to me and said.. mommy, why can’t I take tap dancing..  I reminded her what she had told me and said she could always take it next year.  She went right to her teacher and told her that she was taking tap next year.. We are hoping to surprise her with tap this year if there is an opening.  I am waiting for a callback.  It wil be exciting if there is.

Yesterday my gram and uncle Nick came.  Mom is here for the week.. so we went to see Ethan.  I have some pics to share.. he is getting soooo big!  He will be 4 months next week.


Nana meets Ethan


Hey Cutie


There are 5 generations.. Justine is kinda taking David’s place here..


which camera do we look at?




Ethan, look at the camera..


the guy on the end is Uncle Nick


why are my eyes closed??


A moment with Ethan


Don’t cry, Nana


My mom and Ethan


Ethan loves her dress – He was yelling at it.. lol


Uncle Nick and Ethan


Look at those eyes!


Some videos to share..