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Ok, I love this show.. really do.  I don’t get the channel anymore so I try to catch segments online on you tube and such.  I think Cesar is just awesome when it comes to those dogs.  So now lets talk about my pups..

Rascal- whiny, oh my word, whiny.. he will cry at the door sometimes.. he will cry at the gate, cry in the kennel.. whine whine whine.  Then to top it off he is totally greedy.. go to give them a treat.. Rascal will snatch it right out of Naruto’s mouth.. literally stick his nose in his mouth and grab it.. then walk off with TWO dingy bones, carrots or whatever I give them.. ugh.. He will also run back and forth to both food bowls while Naruto just stands and watches.. I literally have to stand guard.. as soon as I turn my back.. rascal is in naruto’s dish.. Rascal is also the more hyper of the two..

Naruto – cute loveable baby.. However, he will stand his ground when Rascal has gone too far.. Naruto can be LOUD!  Rascal always backs off when he does this and cries..

Both together.. Well, they ate my glasses (the part that goes over the ears) I had to file them down so they no longer hurt me.. They ate my favorite sweatshirt, my jacket, any stuffed animal they can get ahold of, anna’s toys.  Poor Barbie has no arms now..literally none.  Oh, yesterday.. somehow they got ahold of brand new mascara.. literally into it, where they could taste the mascara.. they acted like I was taking away something totally delicious.. oh my.

Potty training.. Naruto will go potty outside with no problem.  If I leave the door open for him.. Rascal will not go down the deck stairs in the dark.. he will go on the floor anywhere.. The other problem.. they won’t tell me when they need to go.. no barks, whines, nothing.. it is getting cold and that door can’t stay open anymore.. brrr..

Rascal is 5 months and Naruto is about 4 months..

So, what would Cesar say if I came to him with this problem.. well.. he would say..

1st. Exercise

2nd. Discipline

3rd. Affection..


Ok.. so I need to walk my dog.. at least 45 min you say.. umm.. that would be hard for me at this point.. let’s try for 15.. we will try to go around the block.

So, last night I got everything ready.  Sweatshirt, jacket, pedometer, leashes, cell phone, water, sneakers.  great.. I get up this morning.. get dressed and do my bike.. come up, get their leashes on.. wait.. chased Naruto who grabbed his leash and ran.. Rascal, such a good boy, let me put his on and sat waiting.. finally naruto is caught.. Now.. Cesar says I must go out the door before the animals to show who is boss.. that could be tricky.. wait.. I did it .. whew.. ok..

why don’t I let them pee first

go pee

no, playing

now they are tangled up

great.. untangle.. and attempt to get them to go pee..

nope.. not interested in peeing.. ok.. let’s walk..

I shorten the leash so each is on one side..

man those pups are strong

tug, pull, redirect, stop, sit, goodboy, ok.. heel, rascal stay by me, naruto no..

tug, pull, redirect, stop, sit.. sit, sit,

Ok.. now my back is hurting.. we didn’t make it to the street.. turn in cul-de-sac.. tug, pull, redirect, tug, pull.. ahhh!..

finally to door.. in, get in, come on.

Send them to back yard.. they are now running and playing.. here I sit with my back hurting..

did I make it to 15 min..

pedometer.. says… 6 min!


Let’s say tomorrow.. they walk themselves!!



We had tiles that were falling in the wall.. we have no choice but to replace the entire area.. It is alot of work!

Let’s start with Pastelillos

My Joy friends would like to know what it is.. so I decided to share with pics.  We had this for dinner tonight.


First take about 1 lb ground beef and cook it.. I cook mine with onions.


Instead of making the dough I buy frozen discos


This also makes it a bit easier to prepare



I put in about 2 tbs of the meat mixture..


Because I am weak when it comes to closing that turnover thingy.. I always re-inforce the edges with a fork..


Oh yes.. I know.. deep frying .. bad!!   Thankfully we only make this about once a month.


Don’t they look yummy!


Angel likes to pour hot sauce inside after he takes the first bite.

We also love this with ham and jar cheese instead of ground beef.


Now for the Chicken Pot Pie

I decided to attempt chicken pot pie again.. I have a hard time with the sauce.  Well, Angel loved it so much he said I had to either print it out or write it down somewhere.. since I didn’t use a recipe.. I decided to type it out on here..

I started with two chicken breast halves.. I cut them in cubes and put them in about 2 cups of water to boil.. I then added 2 potatoes diced, and 1 carrot diced.  I then added two chicken cubes (broth), salt, pepper, and about 1 tsp of butter.  After it was cooked I drained the broth into a bowl and set aside.

In another pan I sauteed 1 celery and 1 onion (chopped up).  When they because soft I removed them and added 3 tbs of flour and then some of the broth and milk and continued to stir.. while that was cooking I put the celery and onions in my Magic Bullet (store brand) and blended that really good and added to the mixture.  I let that cook til it was bubbling a bit then set it to cool.. It looked like it was the perfect consistancy.

I cheated on the dough and bought the box kind.. all I had to do was roll it out.. and pour in the mixture.

I then added the chicken and veggies to the mix and threw in some frozen peas.. mixed that all up.


I then chopped up some scallions and sprinkled them over the top.  Rolled out the top crust


I beat an egg and glazed it over the top of the crust.  Baked in oven on 350 for about 35-40 min.


Angel loved it so much that we had it again the second night.  I do enjoy making things that he likes to eat.  You can bet I will be making this again.

Ok.. My Joyfulhomemaking group sent in a challenge this morning.. Pics of our kitchen.. and we are not allowed to clean it.. Well, I will be brave.. here is a video of mine.. I never claimed to be a great homemaker..

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