Things my daughter says..

On a recent trip to walmart.. Annaleah found an outfit she really liked.. so we chose a set to purchase.  We then found a nice sweater and scarf.  We ended over to undergarments and looked for some t-shirts for her.. after we chose two pkgs of those.. my precious 6 year old says to me.. Mommy, am I old enough for a training bra yet??  Ok.. what to say to that.. umm.. honey.. they don’t come in your size.. you are not old enough.. That didn’t fly so much with Anna.  So my son’s girlfriend tried to help.. she said.. anna come look.. she picked up a bra and said.. you have to have something to put in it..

David’s laugher could be heard through the store while anna continued to stand there confused..

Why does my 6 year old want to grow up so fast??