OK.. You all know who Rascal is I am sure.. my guy is about 6 months now.  He has always had some time of seperation anxiety when we leave the house.  Naruto just sits quietly.. Rascal goes nuts and neighbors hear him for quite a bit after we leave.  Of course.. when we got him, we took him everywhere for the summer.. til Naruto came.  so for a month he was very spoiled.

About a week ago after coming back from shopping.. as we pulled in the driveway.. we saw him sitting on the couch.  He had obviously jumped the child gate we had in the kitchen.  So on Saturday we purchased a taller gate which was quite pricey.. but very sturdy.  It is metal. (wood would never last with my chewers.) We tried it out in the school room and Rascal can not jump it.

Yesterday we were on our way to church and then to Jade and Kate’s party.  we put the new gate up on one end.. then in the dining room.. I put the other gate.. (he always ignored that one)  I put it a little higher.. I went outside to load anna into the van.  Angel was still inside so the front door was open.  Rascal was barking and whining like a maniac. (as he always does when I leave).  Suddenly I see something fly by me.. and suddenly there is Rascal in the van!  He was trying to hide under the seat so I couldn’t reach him (he has grown a bit since we first got him).  He jumped the other gate to the dining room and bolted.. We spent 30 minutes trying to double up the gate.. (the dining room has a 1/2 wall) and missed church.  Poor thing.  He was just going nuts.

So for about 120.00 more we now have 2 more gates (one for dining and one to keep them out of the cat litter) and mama is happy because the gates have a swinging door that is so easy to use.  Now I can keep them out of the kitchen when I cook!  (Rascal is always under my feet)