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Yep.. total chaos in my home right now.. As I sit here, looking out from my laptop.. this is the view I have..


there are dishes piled on my counter

pine needles covering the entire living room floor (girls dragged tree outside for me)

My bed is unmade..

and I sit here with my bum leg not able to do much..

However, it is all good .. because my nieces and my friends daughter is here.. (nieces staying til Monday, Bri goes home on Sunday)


I feel blessed……


Many of my online friends know that I tossed tons of Christmas stuff when we were decluttering.  This year was going to be a homemade Christmas.. Below, I will share some of the things we have done.


this is our advent kisses.. we do this every year..

Only 4 days til Christmas!



We started off by making dough ornaments.. It was just too easy..



Time to paint


These are supposed to be bells.. LOL.  I used an egg carton, cut it up, painted and glittered it.  then I attached a string and a bell.. and voila..

w123761715 (1)


Anna did a great job with this little tree..


B is for Brittany


D is for David

Dad for Daddy


A is for Annaleah


If you notice.. Mom broke her m.. which is kinda funny.. Mom has a bum leg.. rofl.



The tree

We were able to go visit Mimi and Papa last weekend..


Anna was delighted to get to open an early gift..

I was delighted to see these two precious things..



We get to pick them up the day after Christmas.. they will be able to spend a few days with us.. I just can’t wait.


The pups got a play date with Charlie the Keeshound.. It was just hilarious.. they very seldom meet other dogs.


At first they (especially Rascal) just barked and barked… here you see Naruto trying to get away from Charlie.. He was also avoiding any eye contact.


Poor Charlie.. He was harmless..


Rascal is struggling to hide behind me while Naruto is staying close..



Naruto and Charle.. nose to nose.. awwww


Exhausted puppies after playdate…


Craft Day


Anna goofing off with the kitty..


We made a cool treat.. soo easy


and so pretty!



April 18th 2006

Anna and her new hamster.  He is so cute!  He just sits there and looks adorable!  She named him Runaway.
Umm.. I don’t remember what is all over anna’s face.. and shirt.. pasta maybe.. lol

July 2006


November 14, 2006

Wanted to share Runaway’s new set up.  He has a play area on the floor..


A cute story.  Last night I felt Angel jump out of bed and turn the light on.  I noticed Anna had climbed in with us.  So I moved her back to her mat.  Angel was standing there with Runaway in his hands.. He said he felt something and thought it was a fly.. then he realized what it was.

This morning, Anna tells me that last night she felt something on her mat.  It kinda felt like a hamster was on there.. She couldn’t see because it was dark so she crawled in bed with us.  When I told her the hamster followed her into our bed she said.. “Does he like me or something?”


Isn’t he adorable?


November 11th 2006

Pets –
About two weeks ago.. I went in the living room to say hi to Runaway(our hamster) when I woke up in the morning. I sometimes catch him in the play ground area we made for him. Basically we have a good size bin filled with tubes and such.. and extra food.. on the floor in front of his cage. Then we have tubes running down into the bin. On this particular morning.. he was not there.. I searched his cage and nothing. I thought he had gotten loose and we were going to have to search for him.

About an hour later I just happened to notice a figure in the hideway part of the cage.. I thought.. he wasn’t there before.. no way.. but how could he get back into the bin.. maybe I just wasn’t looking closely enough.. and then I dismissed the thought.

Well, Runaway was missing for 2 nights.. He had gotten out of the bin again. We heard him in the bedroom but couldn’t seem to find him. Angel left for work and I happen to see a figure in his hideaway.. there was Runaway, trying to sleep. I called Angel on his cell.. he did not put Runaway there.. So our hamster has been exploring at night.. lol. We decided since he is able to get back home.. we will let him continue exploring. Too bad I can’t record his adventures..

There were a few more stories.. but unfortunatly it looks like I didn’t blog them..

There was the time we woke to hear a strange noise to discover Runaway had found Anna’s little wooden Maraca, and was trying to bring it behind our toilet.. He kept hittng the wall.. I will never forget the site.. Of course, camera wasn’t around for a pic.


Another time I had a dream that anna was hitting me.. I was trying to grab her hand.. but her hand was soft and fuzzy.. I woke up and new right away it was the hamster.. I yelled for angel to put the light on.. he was now on anna’s mat looking at me like.. “HI!”.. I said.. grab him.. and the chase was on..LOL.  This was before we decided to allow him to have his adventures.

He has definately had many.. But he always came home.  He loved peanuts more than anything..

About a month ago he lost all his hair.. he wasn’t looking good.. I tried to keep his coat soft and it started to grow back.. but he was never the same..

this morning we found him curled in a ball.. He is gone forever now.. Runaway was the best hamster ever.. and he had the best life.. I am sure no other hamster (pets that is) can share such grand adventures.. We will definately miss him.  I am thankful we have our memories.


I love sharing funny things with hubby.. Yesterday I printed out someone’s blog.. I thought he would enjoy it..and he did.. you can read it at MrsCatherine

Last night I shared a few things I had found on You Tube.. We ended up sitting there til 12:30 just watching things.. here are a few that we enjoyed.



Guess who came over to visit today! 

Mom..I will send pics tomorrow..

Everything I can think of

Well, it has been a really really long time since I have posted anything.. alot has been happening around here.  For this reason my post will be protected.. however I will do a summerized short version for the world as well.  Now hmmm,  where to start..

Annaleah is doing well.  She is preparing for her first Ballet Performance.  We just ordered the costumes.  She is really starting to fuss about schooling however, is doing great learning to read.  It is exciting to see her read little books.  She picks up so much with attitudes and such.. wow.  Sometimes I gotta wonder where she gets it from.  She also loves loves loves to wear her summer dresses in the house.  Here I am with 5 shirts on, freezing cold.. (house set to 62) and there she is in a summer dress and barefooted.. ugh.. makes me colder.. crazy girl.  She loves Brittany and David being here (will explain that one later).  She loves the attention.  She is doing much better sleeping in her bed.  She told me last night she was tired and ready to go to sleep.. she prompted up her bitty twins and went straight to sleep after I read to her.  Can I keep her this age?  Anyone know how??

Angel -is also doing well.. working and keeping busy.. He went and brought Annaleah to ballet on Saturday and bought a real tree along with some lights (really big ones.. and colorful) and a stair.  He also bought a very nice wreath for the door.  Not sure if I mentioned it.. but we tossed all our old stuff thinking we were moving.. So Anna and I have a lot of ornaments to make.  The tree is 6.5 feet.. huge in our small house..

David – is home again.  We had gone to see their house and it was in the best of conditions at all.. It was really scary.. No running water, no heat, and doors that didn’t close completely.  It was getting extremely cold and they were doing their best to keep warm.  A few weeks later, David called and asked if they could move in here temporarily.  We had already been discussing it.  So David and Brittany are now here.. safe and sound.  Brittany got a job up the street at the day care.. David is having a hard time of it.  I am enjoying getting to know her.  We had a nice Thankgiving meal together..


NYC- Saturday the 1st, we got up really early, dropped Brittany and David off at the DMV and met the bus at Angel’s workplace for NYC.  Anna seemed to enjoy the bus ride as they played “Hairspray.” 


 When we got to NYC we started off heading from Time’s Square over to American girl place. 


Well Time Square is like on 24th street or something.. so we walked most of the way toward 69th (according to the pamplet I had that is where it was.. we ended up taking a subway part of the way.. It was windy and freezing.. poor anna was starting to cry and we started to realize we were in a residental area.. there was no American Girl there.. It was really horrible. 


Anna spent two hours crying hard tears.. while we were trying hard to find a way back to the subway.  We finally decided to go to Grand Central Station where there was food and bathrooms.  As we were looking at all the restaurants I saw a table open up so I parked my butt there and didn’t move.  Angel eventually found me and I told him to surprise me with food.. I didn’t care what I ate.  I was really hurting from the walk at this point.  It was like 1pm and we had almost 7 hours before we met the bus again.  


Anna is happy again after bathroom visit and getting food..

After all was good we started out again.. this time back to Time’s Square to show Anna the huge dinosaur in ToysRUs. 



had to share this also.. made completely out of Legos..

Man that store is a madhouse.. She saw the dinosaur.. and whatever else.. I parked myself in one spot as it was hard to stay with them in the mob.  Anna wanted to go on the ferris wheel.. so angel got in line for tickets.. turns out you have to go by appointment.. his ticket said 5:20.. it was not even 4pm yet.. we said there was no way.. and left.  So we started walking toward American Girl.. once again, long walk.. pushing crowds, etc.. now it is also getting dark.. we finally see American Girl.. and the line is almost a block long!  no way.. so we start looking for a place to eat.. we finally see a McDonalds (we can’t remember where we passed all the chinese places) We go into mcd’s and there are no seats.. So we head out again.. we find a China Grill.. looks nice and empty to.. we head in there.. and everything is reservation only.. so we end up at the corner eating from a hot dog stand.  Anna was freezing cold as it is now dark and windy.. freezing really.. she is a mess and crying again.. wondering why she had to come.  I wanted to cry as well as I am now in alot of pain and freezing since I gave her my wrap to wrap around her.. I see a sign for Starbucks at the next corner.. Told angel to see if there were seats.. there were.. so we headed there..

Once in Angel joined the line and I watched for a table to empty.. finally one emptied and we parked our butts there for about 1.5 hours til it was time for the bus to show up outside.. Chatted with some of the people from his work while we waited.. anna found someone to play with .. then we headed on to the bus..

Now I am in alot of pain from walking.. and climbing stairs.. so it hurt to climb up those steps.. The very last step I climb I feel something rip in the back of my left leg, right where the knee bends!  Iit was so bad I had to grip the seats really hard to make my way to my seat.. (which thankfully was only the 3rd seat in.  (this is the opposite leg that I hurt over the summer.. did the same thing but this time the pain was 5 times worse and I could not walk on it at all.. )

Angel doesn’t notice a thing.. I end up whispering to him.. and I took 4 advils and prayed there would be no pain when we got off the bus 2.5 hours later.. Tried to focus on Polar Express that was playing on the tv.  Well.. I wait til everyone else gets off.. angel takes stuff to the van and then I attempt it.. the pain was sooo incredibly bad I was in tears.. Angel had to practically carry my left side so I wouldn’t put too much pressure on it..

The next day – After a really rough night of sleep we finally go to the hospital.. They were very nice but surprised I didn’t take the wheel chair.. (I know stubborn!)  According to the doc it sounded like I tore a ligament.. only treatment is rest.. she wanted me to use a knee immobilizer.. but it didn’t fit so they just wrapped it with bandage and gave me crutches.  I am to take vicoden and motrin.  stay off it for a bit and gradually add pressure.. and keep bending it.. if it doesn’t get better after a week to go see doc and have an MRI done.

After the hospital we had to go to the church to pay Gary Santino (Missionaries from Romania that I have known for a long time).. they were having a potlock.. I was so looking forward to him preaching and so upset that I had to miss it.  Now I went to the hospital in sweats because they are the only things I can rise up my leg so they can see the knee.. I never go out my door in them.. well.. now I am at church eating potluck in them.. ugh..

Cool thing is I see this teen boy who looks so familiar.. Now Lana and Gary have all girls and 1 baby boy.  and I have not seen them in forever.. Well, I walk in church and see Lana’s brother! (haven’t seen him since I married angel, he was great friends of my brothers.  His wife made my wedding centerpiece, and I tutored their son scotty when he was 5)  I was like.. please don’t tell me that is your son!  he said yes it was.. so I was able to sit and chat with Scott, Gail, and Gary and chat.. Lana didn’t come.

After that was over we went to Stop and Shop and there was an hour and a half wait for the prescription.. it was awful and the more I walked the more painful it was..

Well, I arrived home and have no plans to go anywhere at all.. had to rely on alot of help.. I really hate being like this.. That night I was so upset that I smashed two glass ice cream dishes into the kitchen table because the dogs were jumping up on my leg then managed to get by me out of the kitchen when we had them gated in there. I was lectured by David that he is there and will do anything I need him to do..

at least now I know exactly what I did to the other leg over the summer now..

Forward to now – I have been taking it easy for 8 days now.. with no plans to leave my house or even walk down any stairs until Saturday.  I have been sending others down to get food and supplies and laundry for me.. lol.  I am tired of being this way.. so slowly doing some work.. but if I stand to long it starts to tense and hurt.  However, that tearing pain is gone!  I get little twinges if I twist the leg the wrong well.. kinda a reminder to take it slow. 

I have told Angel that I will not go again.. unless it is on a weekend when we have money to take anna to American Girl place for a move and maybe the cafe.. otherwise I don’t plan on it for a long time… I don’t think he believed me because he was talkinga bout going again and I said.. if the trip comes up.. why don’t you take abraham with you .. and you can both spend the day there.. he looked at me and said.. are you serious.. you are ok with that.. I was like.. Oh yes.. I am so ok with that.. so that is what he will do.

Anxiety attack?? – In NYC, when we were walking near the end of the day.. I kept getting separated from Angel and Anna.. and there were crowds of 100 people crossing the street together.  At one point it was so bad I felt like I couldn’t breathe and started crying.. (not out loud) but tears streaming..  The entire time I kept thinking about a sign I saw at the subway that said, maintain your space.. and thinking.. they are in my space!   I couldn’t even see my feet and I was getting pushed in so many directions.. it was awful! I am always surprised I react that way with that many people.. 

I leave you with some pics ..



sorry.. I should have taken the time to crop that pic.. lol.. oh well.


Isn’t this dinosaur awesome!!

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