April 18th 2006

Anna and her new hamster.  He is so cute!  He just sits there and looks adorable!  She named him Runaway.
Umm.. I don’t remember what is all over anna’s face.. and shirt.. pasta maybe.. lol

July 2006


November 14, 2006

Wanted to share Runaway’s new set up.  He has a play area on the floor..


A cute story.  Last night I felt Angel jump out of bed and turn the light on.  I noticed Anna had climbed in with us.  So I moved her back to her mat.  Angel was standing there with Runaway in his hands.. He said he felt something and thought it was a fly.. then he realized what it was.

This morning, Anna tells me that last night she felt something on her mat.  It kinda felt like a hamster was on there.. She couldn’t see because it was dark so she crawled in bed with us.  When I told her the hamster followed her into our bed she said.. “Does he like me or something?”


Isn’t he adorable?


November 11th 2006

Pets –
About two weeks ago.. I went in the living room to say hi to Runaway(our hamster) when I woke up in the morning. I sometimes catch him in the play ground area we made for him. Basically we have a good size bin filled with tubes and such.. and extra food.. on the floor in front of his cage. Then we have tubes running down into the bin. On this particular morning.. he was not there.. I searched his cage and nothing. I thought he had gotten loose and we were going to have to search for him.

About an hour later I just happened to notice a figure in the hideway part of the cage.. I thought.. he wasn’t there before.. no way.. but how could he get back into the bin.. maybe I just wasn’t looking closely enough.. and then I dismissed the thought.

Well, Runaway was missing for 2 nights.. He had gotten out of the bin again. We heard him in the bedroom but couldn’t seem to find him. Angel left for work and I happen to see a figure in his hideaway.. there was Runaway, trying to sleep. I called Angel on his cell.. he did not put Runaway there.. So our hamster has been exploring at night.. lol. We decided since he is able to get back home.. we will let him continue exploring. Too bad I can’t record his adventures..

There were a few more stories.. but unfortunatly it looks like I didn’t blog them..

There was the time we woke to hear a strange noise to discover Runaway had found Anna’s little wooden Maraca, and was trying to bring it behind our toilet.. He kept hittng the wall.. I will never forget the site.. Of course, camera wasn’t around for a pic.


Another time I had a dream that anna was hitting me.. I was trying to grab her hand.. but her hand was soft and fuzzy.. I woke up and new right away it was the hamster.. I yelled for angel to put the light on.. he was now on anna’s mat looking at me like.. “HI!”.. I said.. grab him.. and the chase was on..LOL.  This was before we decided to allow him to have his adventures.

He has definately had many.. But he always came home.  He loved peanuts more than anything..

About a month ago he lost all his hair.. he wasn’t looking good.. I tried to keep his coat soft and it started to grow back.. but he was never the same..

this morning we found him curled in a ball.. He is gone forever now.. Runaway was the best hamster ever.. and he had the best life.. I am sure no other hamster (pets that is) can share such grand adventures.. We will definately miss him.  I am thankful we have our memories.