I want winter to be over.  I am cold.  Don’t want to be cold anymore.. So I made some changes here on the site.. anxious for spring. 

Things have been quiet here.  I started going to physical therapy last week.  I think I over did it with my daily exercise.  I have been told today I need to do the minimum she listed.. not the maximum..lol.  she wrote things like.. hold for 5-10 sec.  do sets of 15-30 and do 2-3 sets taking a break between each one.. so I held for 10, did set of 30 with 3 sets total.. oops.. apparently I am suposed to work up to that amount .. not start with it.. lol

I am heading to bed right now.. my knee is really hurting and I need to sleep.  Hopefully, I will make the time to put a real update on here. 

Good night Xanga!