I am totally not trying to neglect xanga.. lol. 

been busy.. schooling, cleaning, you know the drill.  I am guessing I lost alot of my readers due to not posting.. I am sorry.. 😦  oh well.  Life goes on..

I just got done cleaning for craft day.  Miss Steph is bring craft and lunch.. Kielbasa and periogies.. yummm!  My mouth is drooling.. I have even skipped breakfast.. I know I know.. not good.  It truly was not intentional.  It always happens when I have to clean for company. 

I have also been cleaning Anna’s room.. man it gets bad in there.  I know it is time to weed out some toys.. especially when her birthday is coming fast.. she is wanting the Bugville Butterfly.  She keeps seeing the informercial and writing the phone number down for me.  Silly girl.  I think it is interesting and we can do an entire lesson on butterflies for it. 

Well, my company should be arriving.. but I wanted to leave you with two videos I have come across recently.. anyone with beagles would totally understand this guy.. love it!