Today’s conversation:

Anna:  Mommy, when are we doing our Easter eggs?

Me:  Later, honey

A: You mean like on Easter?

M: No, we will do it today, just not right now

A: but we always do it on Easter, remember?

M: No Anna.. how do we hide the eggs on Easter if they are not colored yet?

A: I knew it!  I knew all along you hide the eggs!!


I have never told her about an Easter bunny.. however when she asked who hid the eggs.. I always say I have no clue.. lol.  guess I can’t do that anymore.


Here is our craft from craft day – Painted wood eggs


We watched Ethan last night.. However, we just soaked in all of his attention that I never got pictures or videos taken.. oh well.  I loved his little army crawl across the floor.  He absolutely loved grandpa last night too.. even let him hold him.. shocking!  Ethan was just all talkative and full of smiles for him.. Definately made angel’s day.  He even gave angel a quick open mouthed kiss just before attacking his nose!  LOL.

Tomorrow we get to spend the day with Justine and Ethan as well as David (yeah.. hardly ever see him these days)  After ballet we are taking a drive to see my gram.. Ethan’s great great Nana.  She is very excited for us to come.  She has only met Ethan once.. he has changed alot since then.

In Case I don’t get back here in time.. Have a Wonderful Easter!