I am having a hard time posting lately.. there just doesn’t seem to be anything interesting to say..


I will start with.. I love my Pyrex Baking Pan.. I have two, which is perfect for making batches of manicotti or lasagna.



Well, I made a pan of brownies for craft day.. and finally moved the leftovers to a container yesterday.  Angel was helping out (I am sick) and did all the dishes, except the baking pan.. so that was sitting on the stove..

Last night I hear this loud pop!!  Looked in the kitchen and there is brown glass everywhere!  As well as flame shooting from the burner.. Apparently, hubby went to heat water for tea and turned on the wrong burner.  The pups were instantly curious so we were able to close the kitchen gates quickly.. but wow.. what a mess..

Nothing this exciting has happened since a few years ago when I had just finished cutting David’s hair.. He left the room and I went to turn off the light (pull string) and the entire fan/light came crashing down right where david was sitting just a few min before..

I am glad the kitchen excitement is few and far between..


I saw this video this morning and I so want to be her.. I so need to learn organization..