The Rantings of a Woman fighting Candida! 
No More!
I don’t want to do this anymore!! 
I have been so good since Monday!
I have not let anything bad enter my mouth at all!
I have gone to bed with a growling tummy!
I have watched my friend and her kids eat M&M cookies and not taken a bite!
I have drooled while feeding my grandson a fudgsicle and not taken a lick!
I have scooped out chocolate ice cream two days in a row and not so much as licked it off my finger!
I have forced myself to try new things to only find some of the ingredients totally overpowering!  Like braggs apple cider vinegar!
I want pizza with melted cheese all over the top.. it can be veggie!
I want chocolate ice cream.. just a bite!
I want the doritoes my daughter is eating in front of me!
I want a big spoon of peanut butter! 
I want to dip Hot wings in to a nice and rich Honey Mustard, or Bleu Cheese Dressing!
off to look for a sugar free, dairy free, vinegar free, grain free alternative to dip my hot wings in tonight ..
Thanks for reading..
you may go back to your regularly scheduled day..