well, obviously it has been quite some time since I have posted.  I will try to work on pictures as I do this.  Let’s see, where do I start??

Warning!  This entry is really long and may slow down your computer.. sorry about that..


Annaleah’s Birthday Party

wow.. I just realized I never even posted anna’s 7th birthday party.  How awful of me!  We had a detective party and to be honest, I did not take many pictures.  I was in quite a bit of pain.  I had stayed up the night before chatting with my mom and cousin (who I missed dearly) and getting things ready.  I had about 2 -3 hours of sleep before getting things ready.  We had alot of kids sleeping here that night as well.  but it was fun!  no regrets!


The girls decorated the window for the party.


We had hats and disguises for pictures to put on their id’s.


Secret Agent Annaleah


Secret Agent Kaitlyn


Secret Agent Jade

We did a game where someone stole the cake but left cupcakes behind.  I had letters on each cupcake and they had to figure out the right sequence to make a sentence.. which basically said follow the footprints.. which were all over the floor.  each clue led to another til finaly they ended up in the bathroom.  Most of the girls are older than anna.. so they were leading the group.. however, when they got to the bathroom, they were all looking for clues while anna looked in the tub and found her cake.  She was very happy to be the one to find it.


Getting the loot from the pinata


Adorable Ethan..


Most of my friends think I am nuts because I go all out like this.  They all prefer to do parties at places like build a bear and such..w hich are fun.. but I love these types of parties.. I loved doing them for David.  He was done when he turned 11 though and wanted his party at a roller skating rink.  I will continue to do home parties til anna feels she is too old as well.

After the Party, Anna wanted to work on her dinosaur bones..





The day of her birthday, she chose to go to the Japanese Steakhouse in town.  She loves the show they put on.  She received fried ice cream from the servers along with a birthday song.



Proudly showing off her birthday badge.

Spring Gathering with Joyful Homemakers

Our 2nd Annual gathering was in PA this year.  We had an awesome time.  We got there a few days before most of the group.  Here are a few pics


The woman who met online and the wonderful spouses who come along for the ride


This is how joyful we try to be as homemakers.. (lol. I said try)  Notice the huge timer?  That represents our timed challenges online.  Whenever we need to get motivated we get into a chat, set our timers and go.. we come back and report what we have done in that time frame and go again.  Yes, sometimes we get chatty but we can be serious too.


The proud men.. proud to have us wives..


What I loved was watching the kids.. They just got along so well.  they were wonderful together


Angel was teaching the girls here how to play Tute (sp?) .. it is a spanish card game and he was having a blast teaching anyone who wanted to play.


They ladies looking at last years pictures.


Kids caught outside in the rain.. Yes we finally did let them in.


I just loved seeing this everywhere.. we even seen one at an ATM


The beautiful scene is always leaves me feeling at peace.  This would make an awesome puzzle.. I love jigsaws.


Oh.. how could I forget.. on the way home Anna proudly displayed her two missing teeth.  She lost one the day we arrived and another a few days later.. She made 5.00 each!  Man.. whatever happened to a quarter?  lol.  A few weeks later she lost a 3rd tooth.  This girl is gonna be rich if this keeps up.



Last year was Virginia and next year .. North Carolina here we come.


Ballet Performance

This was Anna’s first year with a Ballet performance.  It was definately very interesting.  First we had photoshoots to have done.  I had to quickly figure out how to put her thin hair in a bun and she just loved shopping for make up.  Here are a few pics..







and of course.. you must see a video from her rehearsal.. I did not get the monsters in pink because my camera kept focusing in on someone’s head..lol.

But here is Colors of the Wind
Online Videos by Veoh.com

In case you are not sure.. she is on the end.

Ethan’s First Birthday!

My grandson is now a 1 year old.  He had a blast eating his birthday cake..



Ethan and Daddy
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Home School Convention

June was the convention.  We just love taking the time away.  Anna spent the week at my mom’s so I got a free week as well.  although alot of that time was spent cleaning.  We decided to go to a hotel again this year so we wouldn’t have to drive back and forth.  This time the hotel was so much better.  We enjoyed most of the speakers and looking at the curriculums.  Anna is all set for 2nd grade.  We will be using the Prairie Primer so I am very excited.  I loved Little house as and child and can’t wait to learn so much along with her.  We didn’t stay for the evening assembly and graduation.  We love seeing the kids graduate but really wanted to just relax.  It was very nice.  We also headed home much earlier than usual, so we missed the last two classes.. however they really were not of interest to us at this time.

while we were there of course we had to go to our favorite Korean Restaurant for that Bimbambop we love so much.  We discovered hot pepper scallion pancakes as well.. very delish indeed.



What a perfect name for him..
Online Videos by Veoh.com

Notice poor Naruto trying to stay out of trouble..lol.  That is the look he gives whenever Rascal is doing something wrong.



We got word that she was leaving for Florida.  I am so grateful her mom planned for us to take her for a bit.. It was only for a few days but hey.. better than nothing!  I am always amazed at how much she has grown.  She will be 11 in  November.  Remember her long flowing hair!!  (there is a pic a the top of this post. ) Well here she is now..


She got it cut!!  She has never let anyone cut off the length of her hair.  Of course.. I am sure being offered money to have it cut kinda helped in that decision..lol  As much as I loved her long hair.  I will admit.. she looks fabulous.. Her hair looks so much healthier now.


What is the best way to past time with the girls??


Uno and Chocolate Ice cream of course!


Here we did a volcano experiment.. we made lots of multi colored lava.


Jade is very crafty.. she can turn anything into a craft project.  I love these two she made..

Justine – Hi!  You are so nice you deserve a diamond (gem in middle) (heart) jade.

Dear Ethan, (notice all the eyes) .. Everyone will look at you cause your soo cute!  I Love you!  Your as cute as a teddy bear!  (heart) Jade


Well lets see.. since then we have had Angel’s birthday in June and my birthday just past by.. 40 was not a good number to wait for.. I never have had a problem with age but there is just something about turning 40.. glad that birthday is over..lol.

We also went to Lake Compounce this past weekend.. I have lots of pics to go through.  We picked up Kate on Friday and have her for about 10 days.  Today we also have Ethan for the day.. currently they are all snuggled on the couch watching Baby Einstein.. I will try my best to post pictures tomorrow.


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