Saturday we headed to Lake Compounce with Anna and Kate.  We started off in the wave pool most of the time, it was very humid and expect to feel like 99 degrees.  After pizza we went around and the girls went on some rides.  This year they wanted to go on the big rides.. but Anna is still too small.  She especially wanted to ride the roller coaster.. I am glad she couldn’t.. yep paranoid mom I am. 

They did finally go on a bunch of the smaller rides and then did the Garfield drop again.  A few years back when they tried the garfield drop.. anna was much younger and brave.. but the look on her face was total fear!  I think I have a pic somewhere.. she refused to go on ever again.. til this year.  This time she enjoyed it alot. 

They also wanted to go on the swings.. Now I do not like heights at all.. so I was really nervous.. but they did enjoy it alot. 

After the rides they begged to go back to the water park.. so we headed there, then watched a show before going up to the picnic area to meet the rest of angel’s co-workers.  We ate, chatted and all the co-workers won prizes.  Anna and Kate had fun meeting some of the other children .. when we left anna was busy signing autographs.. lol.. She is such a diva! 

We headed home after a quick carousel ride, another ghost trip and cotton candy for the girls.  I was totally exhausted (so were they) .. we all slept the entire ride home.. except Angel of course .. he had to drive!  The girls had a blast and that is what counts.  We ended up missing church Sunday.. we were so exhausted.. Poor Angel also had to work later that night.. so he definately needed sleep.