Yesterday, we took the girls out to eat after picking up Anna ballet cd and a new webkinz for me.. yes.. you heard me right.. I have a 

Last year, when we took Kaitlyn with us to NC.. she lost her webkinz.. she was so upset we stopped to get her a new one.. While there we saw a Koala.  Now, people who know me.. know my love for Koalas.. I adore them!  Kate and Anna told me I just had to have it.. so I did.. I ended up with my own account and sometimes to reward anna for good school work or behavior.. I will play with her.. She loves the games on webkinz but alot of times other kids will just stop playing and she gets frustrated.  So we play against each other. 

It had been a year.. and my Koala was expiring.. so yesterday I went and picked up a beagle.  Now to find a name and sign it up to keep my account open.  Yes I will admit sometimes I go on late at night and play some of the games alone.. I will also go on anna’s to get her more money.. Hey! don’t laugh..  I know lots of moms out there do this too!  LOL. 


We took the girls to Chili’s.. then off we went to the movies to see

It was definately cute.  I missed quite a bit this time around.. it happens being hearing impaired.. but I am sure we will pick it up when it is on DVD.  I love closed captioning


Today is pretty low key.. The girls have finally stopped fighting over everything!  Poor hubby is at work, he will have to come home and work most of the night and all day tomorrow.. Sometimes those weekends are very long for him.  We are praying he gets a good break so we can all go to the lake nearby.  We will have to wait and see.